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  • Indeed, stuff is pretty confusing right now and I can't give much confirmation about my theories and assumptions. I am not sure yet if Nomura really did a good job furthering the KH mythos or not.
    Of course, no actual spoilers in VM!
    Ask away in PM then, lol.
    Gee thanks, altthough it's also pretty strenuous after a time due to the complex structure of the story.
    Ditto, I also want offical English translations cuz the Japanese can always be interpreted several ways.

    Yeah, Nomura already said before that one will probably have to play the game two times to get a proper understanding. <__<
    Thanks, it went really fast now since the new KH game came out, lol.

    The last three days were nothing but theorizing, interpreting and discussing stuff. ;)
    Aready answered you on chapter V.

    As for PMs I think only the new batch of pics and maybe chapter IV discussion remain, as the two issues of "Combined VM" still need to be answered by me, lol.
    I'm looking forward to it, also on your comments to the second batch of pics.

    Much to do in RL nowadays huh? Same here...;)
    Don't worry, I'm loaded up with work as well...one PM is still there to be answered by me and I hadn't time to write at all...;)

    Same goes for the fic, lol.

    Good luck on your exams!
    Yeah, we've been in a terrible info drought lately. It's so boring D:

    I envy you. A part of me wishes that my parents continued to push me to learn my native language after we moved to the US, if not to get more in touch with my heritage, but also to shut up all of my relatives who are complaining about it.
    Life is pretty good. How about you? How are you doing? :3

    My speaking skills are terrible, but I can understand most of it. For my brother, it's the opposite. He really doesn't understand a lot, but he can definitely speak better than I can, even if he doesn't know what he's saying.
    I see, I gotta go search the pics I want to upload, lol...and then maybe take a go at chapter V again.
    I probably messed up a bit by writing a scene which actually should be in chapter VI...meh...

    Gotta go answer the "Combined VM" when I finish uploading those images. Didn't we have another PM concerning the fic roaming around? *scratches head*

    I should organize my PM folder somewhat...:p
    I haven't really been to many countries. I was born in Hong Kong, and moved here to America when I was 5. The only other countries I've been to are Japan (just because our flight had to stop there for a few hours once) and Macau.
    I've been writing ONLY fanfiction. Not much basis as a writer. Also, only one shots for years, lol xD;
    My own country.
    It was... okay. The snowboarding was fun, but it definitely wasn't one of the best trips I've had ^^;

    I think behind. I'm not quite sure. If you don't mind me asking, where in the world are you?

    Aww, I'm sorry ;w; But keep at it! I know you can do it! :D
    No, not like that ^^;;;
    Technologies and programming. Had a game development course last semester, though it was a lot more the technical stuff than, say, making models or writing scripts.

    I find it ironic that Aqua's treated like the true protagonsit of KH when she has the least relations to anyone. In more ways than one she was shoehorned into the series and now so many things are associated to her to give her importance. Making CO, sending Kairi to DI... now those two things are things I could've lived without knowing, personally :\ less so the whole "omfg it took a YEAR for Sora to wake up" biz, where we also got to see the Org and Riku's sides of the story.
    It was for me too x_X but my workplace was pretty lenient. It was also close to my contract ending so they kind of let me do what I wanted so long as I didn't wreck anything. They were stupid like that.
    I'm studying computer science. We're working independently now so yeah, 'm online.

    I have to admit, people hyping so much about Aqua before the game was even released and bashing other charas because of it is why I removed myself from the fc beforeI got to play the game. And I really don't see why, she's not that great a character. Everyone praise her for having potential when they forget that no, she DIDN'T have her Reverse-Rebirth yet. And potential? What good did that do for Kairi after SIX GAMES? Squat. So really.
    And I don't think Aqua'll pave the road for Kairi. I mean, Namine did it well enough since CoM. And Xion despite it all held her own grounds in Days. So it's not like we needed something to happen - Kairi's just... unique in that way.
    Thursday and Saturday. I have classes every other day.
    I'm evening class but mostly because I studied while I was still working. And now that I'm third year my contract ended but I didn't wanna take morning classes because all my friends are at the evening class. Plus, I hate waking up early o3o so this is better.

    I sinned and often say things like "Xion is the Kairi I always wanted". So I'm ok with comparing characters to make a point. But there's loving Aqua and there's bashing Xion, if bashing Xion is your way of loving Aqua I don't think it reflects too well on Aqua...
    I actually feel bad for Kairi about that. She's little more than a plot device, and a poor one, at this point.
    Our weekends are Friday-Saturday. And Friday classes truly are in the morning.

    What irks me is that so many people who bash Xion love, say, Kairi. And it's like "you love the series' main DiD but bash Xion? Wot?"
    And Aqua was saved enough times herself throughoug the game, if only by Mickey. And she was the one who was helped the most by characters in the various worlds, teaming up with Prince Philip, for instance.
    I'm in class xD;;;
    Xi-Xi isn't a Mary Sue. She's just a very main character. To me, the line's drawn when a character gets development and insight. that's where she stops being a Sue and stays 'main'.
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