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  • It really does. I expected everything to be changed, and now I would have to grow up. But, nope haha

    So how is your play going?
    lol don't feel bad i didn't do much for my 16th birthday either. mainly cus i'm a loser but I like think it's cus im to swagggggged uppppppppp
    by the way our one year friendship anniversary is coming up just went to the last page of our convo ZOMG
    you have to go in there and make it happen, get to know him more, become better friends with him. guys love it when the girls take action for once it's always guys that have to step up and ask a girl out :mad:
    *glomps more than anyone has ever been glomped before*

    I'm taking stats and pre-calc. I don't know why. Ugh, it's hell :p Don't do it. Plus my pre-calc teacher is crazy. She bursts out into song in the middle of class o_O

    I WILL I JUST NEED TO UPLOAD THEM. She did this acoustic of February Air that I've never heard before and it was heaven <3 another one of my favorites was The Listening and Where the Fence is Low. So good. Best night of my life.

    I just watched that the other day! And that's so cool! My school's putting on Beauty and the Beast right now as well. That sounds so much fun omg. What part did you play?

    I'm taking AP European History, AP Lang, and AP Stats. AP Stats is killing me. It's not even that hard but I screw up on the tests so much :p

    Yes!!! I went to her concert on the 28th and she was signing autographs so she signed my CD and gave me a hug and I have some awesome pictures that I will have to show you c:

    How are you?
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