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  • ahaha oh my god i only took 3 and its rough. 5?!

    but omigosh i hope orlando is fantastic, the weather must be gorgeous down there this time of year. are you gonna go to disney world or wizarding world of harry potter!? or is it strictly school business? i still have never been to either ;n;

    what's HOSA stand for? and what do you guys do?
    you didn't miss out on anything, lol.

    right now life is stressful because ap tests and afdfjdlk;sgkl yes stuff i need more sleep ;-; what about on your end?
    Ugh I know! Sophmore and Junior years are definitely the worst. Because you actually have to do crap in between the new freshie and fun Senior. It really blows... Well at least mine did! xD I hope you are kinda liking it, though.

    Understandable. You actually have a life outside the forums. Something I am jealous of. ^^ How do you do it? I could do days, but not months.

    Welp, I would only do it with you, though. What's the point of using it on other people if they aren't gonna go out of their way to do it? Soooo boring, I swear! 2009-2012? We are in the awesome join date of 09. <3

    Totally should. Liek yah. Krista misses you! and I need a spamming buddy that is not Krista. :D
    ohhh that's such a cute idea!! <3

    yes! they are interesting, but finals are coming up. it's AP humanities (literature, art, music, that kind of stuff), AP american government and AP microeconomics.
    Awww, you should have tried to stop by sometimes, though! If I remember correctly, you where going into what I call hell...derrrr I mean high school. >_>

    How nice of you! <3 It's literally been years since we last talked. Goes by fast... ._.

    Thank you! Even more so, cause I find the normal font boring! sfnskfneognbb

    You really need to stop by Krista's and my FC sometime. >:D
    stupendular?! i don't think i can beat that! and VACATIONS?! oh now i'm jealous!

    my valentine's day was very pleasant, I made my boyfriend chocolate covered strawberries and we hung out and stuff. <3 my life is very good, too! 3 AP classes though, so I do homework when I'm not working or sleeping...boring, kinda.
    Oh my gosh! You are on? Krista and I where just talking about you the other day. Where have you been? xD

    Do you remember me? *-*

    Color font rules!
    I just honestly asked for nothing haha What did you get?

    If it makes you feel uncomfortable then just forget it :eek:
    there's a reason for that Amber, my life is pretty boring lol It's good but boring, waiting on games I ordered so I can enjoy myself pretty much.
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