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  • =D Have you tried experimenting with sleights yet?
    I never could get into many fanfiction. o3o Though I'm not a reader by nature so I guess that's only natural.
    That's great! =D If you got that far you can start again from the 10th round onward, it's much easier to deal with those Invisibles and conserve items till the 2nd round from there.
    If you got Leaf Bracer earlier you must have chose a different weapon then you have now at the start. The key to Xemnas is strike raid~ ;D I beat him with it and only it. It took a bit of support building though.

    =D Good work! Ansem is practically a push over once you have D&G back. I think to get the secret ending all you need to do is beat proud at that difficulty.
    It's your first CoM playthrough!? How are you liking it!? =D
    lol I didn't learn she could either till my first fight with Kurt Zisa. lol You know you can guard those fireballs of cerberus' and send them back right? ;]
    Hmm....I'm not sure for the sword let me check. My search says you'll get your first Mp rage by level 63 and then leaf bracer at 69.
    lol He wasn't as intimidating after I got mp rage to back up my second chance, strike raid and leaf bracer abilities. =D Good work! How's it feel to have finally tracked down every puppy? lol How far in the hades cup you get? The good thing about the hades cup is you can start off from every ten round marker, like say for example if you died after finishing round 20 you can start back from there.

    lol i had lots of trouble too. Your level is high enough but I recommend at least trying to get between 60 and 65. What helped me beat the lasers was making sure I kept all my items till that point. After I got donald and goofy back I didnt' need items anymore because you can land on the lower part of ansems final form and summon Tinker bell. ;D Not only does she gradually heal but she revives you if you die once.
    =D That's great! lol I know what you mean back when kh first came out I was stuck for a week on Rikunort but I played 1.5 and trolled him. xD
    =D Wow you found quite a few in such a short time!

    I was able to beat sephiroth at long last! xD
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