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Sora The Key
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  • Lol that's alright. I love my video games to be Japanese made, but I stil prefer to bear the characters and whatnot in English.
    I want it just from looking at the art style. Just looked it up, shame it's taking forever to localize -_-
    A PS3 title to look forward to though.
    Haha hope it gets here soon! :)
    Well I got re:Coded but I'm not gonna play it yet because I have too much work from school :b
    How's life been treating ya?
    I always wanted a Japanese/Chinese word tattoo, the writing looks so cool *.* Ooh you already have another tattoo? :O

    Ouch, sounds like a flu, wll like I said, hope you feel better! :)
    eh I don't know tbh I just ask for money :p But my parents bought me a new computer and my grandma got me a bunch of movies xD
    I know, she's always hated me, I dunno why. But oh well, I don't like dealing with haters they're a big waste of time. I cant wait to graduate high school, then I'll hopefully never have to see her face again. :b
    I know you pre-ordered it. You told me.
    My bad. It's easy to get those two confused.
    I'm pre-ording it too. New secret ending after all. lol
    I get mine on play-asian.com
    So is Roxas your favorite character?
    That's cool. I beat the JPN and the NA versions too.
    Are you gonna get KH3D?
    Yeah, it's worse because this stupid btch at my school is saying that I was talkin shit about the driver! When I wasn't, I was just telling her brother what happened. God I hate her
    I'm Illiterate.... haha...
    So have you played BBS?
    Uh, hey dude. Thanks for excepting me.
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