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  • Hate them both, stupid friends dragging me to the midnight showings Dx

    I wish I could import it, but I need to save money for my bff's bday gift(she bought me something really expensive)

    It took alot of patience, and lots of backspacing xD
    fine then, damn you community college xD
    Mostly guys know it, the only thing girls here know are Justin Bieber and Twilight D:
    You importing re:Coded?

    (p.s. typed this all with my wrist lol)
    Damn you college xD
    Yeah... it was weird! I was just looking at it, and then I finally noticed it was the heartless emblem.
    lol i'm so slow
    That's nice.(our school doesnt have japanese -3-) :D A lot of people actually know about KH at my school, I saw a guy wearing a Heartless shirt lol
    Haha, yeah I figured he'd be easier for Aqua. I can already imagine how difficult it will be for Terra D:
    That's cool, I always get this happy feeling if I beat something that I died against many times -looks at Demyx-
    Haha thank you! I miss it, I think I'll grow it out again:)

    wow, MF sounds brutal Dx And your playing as Ven? It might be easier for Aqua and even harder for Terra X_o
    Haha yup:) Though I'm not really much of a pokemon fan, I just think that the girl character has such a cute design. It also reminds me of my hair before I cut it Dx

    Well I haven't got to MF yet, cuz I lent the game to a friend xD Who are you playing as?
    Dggvlkyflytvckelhjkbtwre! That sucks! D: That happened to me when I beat KH for the first time, I was all enjoying Simple and Clean, then it frickin froze! I was so angry that I just spent an hour fighting Ansem for no reason! /rant
    I'm doing fine, almost done with Terra's story then on to the Last Episode then the secret bosses! :'D and u?
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