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  • Uh for ragnorak I know it had to be in the 40's and Mega flare in the 50's but I may be wrong. Anways that's how close i can telll you sorry.
    Marloosha....I can't believe His name is said like that. I'm so disappointed by it. Oh well, it fits in a weird way.
    I just had 7 and up cards in my deck. I believe I had About 35 cards. I spammed Sonic Blade over 400 times haha.
    level 67 with over 400 hp 1100 CP.
    Yea I know.
    But All I wanted was to Fight Marluxia III. My god It was godly I tell you.
    now I have to go up to fight Zexion.
    I already Beaten it.
    it was fun
    Vexen Owned me but I killed him.
    His death scene wasn't edited but Sora's didn't say hell.
    Riku III was fast easy
    Riku IV was incredibly easy. Weird ain't it?
    Axel Owned me but I got him after several tries.
    Marluxia(I II III) Piece of cake. My KH Gameplay has been completed!
    Not much just getting out of bed.
    damn I never knew it can be so tiresome haha.
    so whats up?
    Yea I guess.
    I could never Homeschool myself.
    Too Lazy in Particular and I'm Not so Smart to do it.
    Well I'll Talk to you later. I'm going home.
    damn you.
    Second person I know who is homeschooling themselves.
    Taking your time? meaning Teaching your self?
    how is it going for ya?
    XDDDDDD Ah, good o' times y'know?

    Yea but she's a pain because I didn't think the creators would intend to make her so fast.
    she can probably kick Spongebobs ass xDDDDD
    I think you get at in the 30's my guess at 33.
    yea Something cooler. I thought it was a move that involved flames at first. but when I looked at the sleight Example I remembered that was the same combination that stop raid had.
    Who loves Orange soda? XD

    LOL @ larxene.
    yea 100 acre wood was my first choice on my new world cards.

    Yea Larxenes voice is awesome. And So Is Vexens.
    but her voice keeps telling me to get wendy's LOL.

    Yea I got the Sleight Lethal flame.
    it's suppose to be stop raid but Unfortunately people got it wrong.
    it's awesome, I have 3 in my deck ready to use.
    what's your CP and HP?
    It's going pretty good, Though I'm Progressing slow. It doesn't matter i still have to beat Neverland and hallow bastion.
    Though Riku II really did put me in shame. lol.
    I don't Think I'll get past the game with ease if I get owned By RikuII.
    Lvl 35. But I'm so up for it.

    how about you?
    you played it yet?
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