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  • No. It's because your a cool person. I didn't see me in you until just now. My like for you has nothing to do with you being like me.
    When your a Moderator, yes. But have you watched Naruto? If so, then pull a Sasuke and wait until they think you are one of them.
    First it was fluff, then it changed to something I don't remember. When I came back, fuck was bonk. So it might have changed while I was gone.
    Until you become a Moderator, you are powerless. You must wait, be patient, rise in the ranks. I tried to stand up, but like I said, only bullshit and a tarnished career came out of it.
    Yeah, I'm the same way. A while back Amae said something the Moderators didn't like, so they renamed him the N-Word. It caused a lot of trouble and nothing good came out of it. Just, try to be careful.
    I know. Just, try not to stand up for me, the Moderators don't like me and they will start messing with you as well. Besides, nobody will take you seriously. People are judged by two things here, personality and post count. But thank you, I'll watch your back here as long as you stay.
    I saw your post SoraChey, thank you. But almost everyone here is a rude asshole. Thank you again. Just, be careful. Besides, everything was sorted out.
    Haha, I tend to approve all requests. It's just that, again, I'm not actually taking any right now. When I open them back up, may I ask that you message your request again?
    I'd be happy to make you one, but at the moment I'm not taking any requests until I finish the remaining three I have on my list.
    Oh hello ^^
    You can get a moogle from Sign here on KHinsider, just ask her and she might make one for you ;D
    Are you new? :D
    I've picked up some phrases from watching anime, haha. But one day I'm going to study it in my spare time. <3
    Awesome! I want to learn Japanese too, I actually have some books to help me learn, but I'm too lazy.
    Even though I do well in the classes and exams, I actually don't know much Spanish. After I have to learn it and I don't need it anymore I just forget it. xD
    Yeah that is a lot. My lessons are: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Maths, R.E, P.E (I think), iMedia, and Spanish.
    Yes, yes you do. But then again I can't say anything since I tend to do a lot of stalking/lurking/creeping myself. Ah that's cool, I remember when I had to choose my options it was really hard. What are you planning to take?
    Well I did say I wasn't going to say yes or no anymore. But if you think it's that then it's that. C:
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