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Recent content by Sora|Chey

  1. Sora|Chey

    The hatred of haruhi suzumiya chapter one

    ok, this is more of a script than a story, but i wrote this and i thought i should share it, its based on the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya, but its got my own little twists to it, i dont mind if you wanna use it for a play or something (not that you would) so i hope you enjoy :) Key...
  2. Sora|Chey

    Destiny high RP

    ok guys, i thought i'd start a RP thing, its basically desting islands high so you have 3 choices: teachers: you can post a teacher profile. your gonna have to put: name: age: gender: profession: description: must be at least a paragraph or two bio: some of your characters back-story...
  3. Sora|Chey

    im new, just thought id say hi

    hey, im new, just joined, but i know alot about kh 1, 2 and chain of memories, i also played a little of days but not much, i wanna share my kh fanfic madness on here because, well i have nobody real world side that gives a crap :/ *shuns all the none believers* shuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnn! (charlie the...
  4. Sora|Chey

    Kingdom hearts: the beginnings

    there used to be a fanfic here, but it sucked so i deleted it...sorry guys :'(