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  • I've read a few of his reviews and they're usually pretty accurate. I mean it's an opinion and all but I agree with him usually so you know...makes it accurate.
    cater-waitering lol. i'll probably go back to it eventually since the pay is great, but i'm about to move, so! and i know what you mean about crowd-surfing a never-ending parade of mediocrity. in fact, this last year has been largely disappointing (more in myself than anything else), but it's hard for me to do anything but take it in stride. in my case, though, that's probably just defeatism. either way, i'm happy to be doing something this year other than simply existing in a small high desert town named after a lake that doesn't exist. this year, i'll probably still be doing nothing, but i'll be doing it at a beach city, which is a lot more fun (in theory). i will also be super jealous that you are attending any kind of film festival. like... really jealous.
    Nice job on the pro-motion!

    I'm hoping to fan-fic-ise Shades of Blue: Heroes of Roleplay Town, would you be interested in getting involved brainstorming and/or writing?
    was this a surprise???

    i'm alright!! some life stuff is going on but oh well. how are you? :3
    aw, don't feel bad! i'm just as guilty of not instigating conversations, except i have absolutely no excuse. anyway, i'm doing alright. nervous for the site, i guess, since i have nothing better to preoccupy me today. recently quit my day-job, so that leaves me open to care about all kinds of things that don't really matter~ *U*

    how 'bout you, sunny?
    nah, i originally hopped on board as a seasonal hiree (like my last job), and I expected them to ask me to stay because the higher ups really seemed to like me. but unlike my last job, it wasn't about how much they liked you, it was about what your sales were. i was a cashier and to be honest, i was way more invested in talking to people at the register rather than making them buy into our promotional deals. so they decided not to keep me.

    my parents are actually in my debt, which is a little odd. they owe me around $500, so i guess technically i won't be paying for my own education sort of.

    not too much, to be honest. my first semester i took mostly general education courses so i had two writing courses, a course on human development, and a polisci course that i never attended. the human development course taught me a little bit about psychology here and there, but it was largely sociology and biology based. my more advanced writing course was creative nonfiction and it taught me a lot about what it takes to convey yourself. in essence, it was sort of a communications course.
    i don't use msn anymore but i'm on skype most days!

    i'm doing fine myself, i suppose. also have had my fair share of girl problems, but friends seem to be a-okay. i've been on break for the past month and i got fired from my job on tuesday, so i'm ready to go back to school, if only because it will give me something to do. i have a lot of free time for shows and video games but i feel like i never spend it properly, so i'm definitely trying to work on that. school has been hampering me with paying off my debt for this semester and that's always a very bad thing. i had to pay them $400 the other day just in random extremities that i'd rather not pay for but that i'm required to. it's pretty dumb.

    but you know, that's life. `~`
    hey sunny how are you doing

    i feel so estranged from you we haven't had a real conversation in so long!!!
    Oh that's no problem! And actually you moved it to the right place. The spoiler ban only lasts 3 months following the title's final release, so the spoiler section was merged back into the KH3D section.
    You can do this. I picked you out of everyone for this mission, and I'm not letting you go home without a story to tell.
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