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    your daily online brainfood

    or, what do you read regularly? and why? culture, polemic, politics, etc. it could be specific as hell or more vague & varied. i'm interested in seeing folks' digital "pull list" so yeah, have at it. always looking for new shit to read too. follow up with short descriptions of the links for...
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    I stopped smoking when you noted one day, during the arc of lighter to cigarette, “This is the mouth you praise your Beloved with.” This is the mouth I kiss you with. After everything, a third reason sustained me during the quivers and quakes. A carton a day is 3.5 hours ground off your life, if...
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    euphemisms for farting

    Amazing. 1. Anal Salute 2. Beep your horn 3. Blast the chair 4. Blat 5. Blow Mud 6. Blow the big brown horn 7. Bottom blast 8. Bottom burp 9. Break wind 10. Butt burp 11. Butt trumpet 12. Butt tuba 13. Buttock bassoon 14. Cut a stinker 15. Cut the cheese 16. Cut the wind 17...
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    Keep Flyin': Firefly MMO

    More beautiful art and visuals in the source. Some more key points to save space: There will be Reavers You will initially only play as a Browncoat, this is apparently subject to change Aside from guns, you can settle issues with a conversation mechanism To be released summer 2014 Aside as...
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    The Mysterious Case of Elisa Lam

    Somethings spooky for this time of year... You can read more at the article but what makes this all even creepier is that Cecil Hotel has a pretty gruesome history, playing host to a serial killer, dual-suicides, deaths, and so on. Want more? Also, as the article points out (and links to...
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    Halloween 2013

    Halloween arrives in a week; what are your plans, if any? If you're dressing up for a party or event, or if you're still at an age where you can go trick-or-treating successfully, what are you going as? And have you celebrated or done anything Halloween-y during the month, how?
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    Lit ► khi's baker street bozos

    Because we need a Holmes & co. thread, I think. For the canon, non-canon (pastiches and such), extra-canon and adaptations and so on & so forth. Some preliminary questions for a little direction (but this thread can be used to discuss anything related to the works and things): 1) What/who got...
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    whatt doess dorito say to braek another dorito heart if they pals

    "im nacho friend"
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    Film ► The Lego Movie

    http://youtu.be/lPnY2NjSjrg I'm sold. Also the film prefix didn't show up.
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    PCSX2 on Mac

    Don't judge me: Does anyone run it? If so, would they be willing to give me a hand? Basically I've downloaded the most recent version of the GS Plugin but it still fails to initialize. I know I have the specs b/c I've seen P4 run beautifully on the same machine. Any clue as to what's going on?
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    Film ► 50% OFF CRITERION SALE: Criterion Thread

    The Criterion Collection Less than 10 hours left... Anyway, what do you think of their products? Like 'em? Find them over-rated/over-priced? What's your collection like? My meagre CC composes of The Thin Red Line, In The Mood For Love, and Seven Samurai. My wishlist (Blu-Ray): The Great...
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    v day cards written by a marxist

    ROSES ARE CRIMSON AND THE RICH CROOKS ARE IN PRISON: A MOST HEARTY LOVE FOR YOU, MY COMRADE, HAS ARISEN let's share more than just the means of production this week, khi
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    Music ► jams that make you happy

    let's post cheerful tunes from any genre that make us smile or something, okay? oh and if there's a specific reason for your choice(s), maybe some sorta personal anecode, then feel free to share that too. XvaFNgTknUk JwB-iVAfnMo J9FImc2LOr8 aQpsI2QrAO8
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    The Official Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden

    8F1cOvZ3nS8 GET IT HERE This is a thing of beauty, like scuba himself wrote it. If you really dig it, then please support their Kickstarter for the second installment!
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    Anime/Manga ► Polar Bear Cafe

    Please tell me I'm not the only one in love with this show.