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  • You know I think that a lot of majors share the same problems (the most obvious being skipping class, so easy lol). But I'll be alright
    That's great to hear, hope it continues.

    I on the other hand have been better. First year at uni and the work is starting to pile up, but I've been able to manage thus far haha. Not sure how long that'll last
    You think you can just post some fact about china and go under the radar? Not today son

    Seriously though man, how you beeen
    oh, yeah, generally just commissions. but honestly, i'm more of a hobbyist than anything. i don't have a lot of professional drive lol.
    i have, but it's not a favorite of mine. i find sequential art (and paneling, for that matter) to be pretty difficult/tedious. :c

    why do you ask?
    So I just watched the last episode of Aku no Hana, and at the end of it, it said:

    "End of part one."

    I remember you wondering what to compare Aku no Hana to. I thought about that too, and I thought maybe something directed by Stanley Kubrick.
    We used to be able to exchange items for almost anything, that was such an amazing system. Fiscal inconsistency and needless competition will eventually spiral down, down, downward until reaching the bottom of the well.
    Yeah, I've gotta get an actual review site up. Also, Aku no Hana is a bit polarizing. I personally love the twisted tale of the less flattering corners of the teenage mind. Some find it too heavy-handed though.
    Yo, I've come across your tumblr before. I know you have a lot of Superman related posts that I'd love to reblog. May I see the link please?
    i talk to thomas pretty regularly so it's cool. i'll look into it. i don't play much anymore but if people get back into it, why not.

    i just looked it up on a site; i could host a server for 7 people - myself included.
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