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  • here's Kobes' one

    I have a problem D: I've been working on the banner so damn much, and it just doesn't work as is. if I can make it vertical instead of horizontal, it'd work better, but then that'd mean you'd have to put the banner either in the middle and write the blogs around it, or put the banner on the left and the rest on the right, so... yeah :/
    well i can't really seem to fit anything in with it...oh. Hang on....You can give me the stock here but I'll see if i can make the old stock to work, I forgot that you can inverse some stuff...XDD
    Ah so you're Muslim? sick. third person on KHI i know as muslim. cool stuff man. DT is very accepting of other cultures. mostly because i think it's cool stuff. LOL. DT is Asian btw. I live in the states though. xD
    Don't bother because...

    1. He logged off a short while ago.

    2. Both Ulti and Phoenix saw him and saw/experienced his stupidity first hand.
    Well, screw them. It is a good show; I mean, even though I dont like superman (or pretty much every heroe, for that matter) I still like that show.
    Yes, I do. Why are you so surprised? I mean, Smallville is not a bad show. But for the record, I dont like any DC comics- outside- underwear-wearing heross like Superman. I just like that tv show.
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