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  • Final Fantasy XIII on the PlayStation 3 spanned on a worth of four years of work, then, the idea of going multiplatform popped and they decided to fit the idea of four years of work into months. So much content was cut that the game was made straighforward and it was worth a second disc.
    If you don't want to risk spoilers, don't go to the spoilers section. There is no real need or reason to use spoiler tags in the spoiler section.
    im in the mood to start a chat, so, in a developer's point of view, what do you make of ff13?
    So, what's your avatar a picture of? At first I thought it was a weird palette swap of oogie boogie, but I can't tell.
    was looking at that secret ending from bbs and i really have a strong feeling kingdom hearts 3d is going to have to do with this "hidden research data" ansem put in sora while he was sleeping. and i found something important in here of what he said after "that boy(sora), whose heart was connected to someone who could do it....that door would open(riku since he opened the door in kh1) then maybe those crippled beings could be saved(nobodies which would probably show why sora is fighting that nobody in the screenshot.

    and before he said "i made clothes for the beings of nothings(i don't know what this means but i think he's saying in a way he created the nobodies or something but i'm not sure)
    yo sky u were right about the rod and ansem's memory thing lol so "takes out a dollar and gives it to you" but i did find out from the bbs secret ending a strong theory of kingdom hearts 3d
    sky you're an idiot.

    He meant the quote about him saying something about people talking about the picture and thinking it's real.

    And BTW, you just don't understand Dogen enough.
    What quote? You keep saying there's a quote but I don't know what quote you're talking about. The only quote I have is from your comment on the trailer that you called fake. That's it. I don't even know what this "Dual weilding Roxas" thing is.
    I never said it had any pictures in your signature... The quote in your signature was the last reply in the puzzle prank topic with roxas dual wielding Kingdom Keys before it was closed and admitted as a joke.
    Um... no, my sig doesn't even have any pictures, you're confusing me with someone else. I still have no clue what you're talking about, the only quotes I have in my sig are "If you prefer RPGs over First-Person-shooters, copy this in your sig" and the quote you made about saying the trailer was fake and those who thought it was real were idiots. I don't see anything about Roxas with a yellow eye or anything.
    That quote in your sig was from the puzzle prank that happened a couple months ago, you know, with the ugly looking Roxas with one yellow eye with vanitas on his keyblade.
    "Behold... these 25 characters are needed... united with the comments of the users... because the khinsider forums required it"
    Almost fell over in my seat. That's Brilliant!
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