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Recent content by skyfoxx

  1. skyfoxx

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX Boxart Revealed!

    Eh, I don't think it's that bad. But Xion does look like she's struggling a lot over there. Someone oughta give her a hand (ba dum tss)
  2. skyfoxx

    News ► Drop Gauge Increased in DDDHD and 0.2 Objectives Translated!

    I don't know why people were expecting the drop gauge to be gone entirely. They'd have to completely rework how you switch characters into a linear scenario or a BBS situation, which probably would've been more work than they would ever have wanted to do for this.
  3. skyfoxx

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS 2.8 official site updates with screenshots and renders

    An elephant riding a skateboard while wearing a hat with bat wings... Now I think I've seen everything.
  4. skyfoxx

    Let's talk about positives of Days

    Boy, it's been a while since I've said good things about 358/2 Days... probably since the game was released, haha. Well, conceptually I think the gameplay is great. The execution is alright and could've used some improvement, but still isn't bad. I like the idea of an episodic narrative in a...
  5. skyfoxx

    Who's gonna wait till 1/24 after KH 2.8 comes out in japan?

    Eh, I can wait. It's only two weeks and I've tried avoiding spoilers for games that took longer than that (BBS was a nightmare to avoid spoilers and oddly enough the first time I got a spoiler on that game was not on the Internet, but because one of my High School friends spoiled Vanitas' face...
  6. skyfoxx

    Luxu and Master of Masters

    Welp, that's cool and all, because that's more than likely exactly what's going to happen lol Honestly though I predicted this since KH3D. The idea of the Xehanort saga is the villain's origin keeps getting more complicated, so the next logical step was "Oh, he's a warrior from the Keyblade War...
  7. skyfoxx

    KINGDOM HEARTS 2.8 Boxart Revealed!

    Boy, Nomura's been killing it with these front covers. The front covers for these HD remasters have been some of my favorite in the whole series. (KH1's still being my favorite, but 2.5 is a close second and 2.8 is probably at number 3)
  8. skyfoxx

    Message from Tetsuya Nomura about Kingdom Hearts HD II.8 Final Chapter Prologue

    Who said anything about mainstream? Everyone knows that video game movies, even when they are good, don't go mainstream :P I wouldn't really mind a KH-related movie ala something like Kingsglaive that tells its own story that connects to future games in some way. I don't know what the story...
  9. skyfoxx

    Latest Famitsu features KINGDOM HEARTS 2.8!

    Man, I skimmed through this and saw "3000 medals on October 1" and was getting a little excited until I then went back and re-read and it said Japan players. Really should've seen that coming though, you'd never get something like that in the US version :P Those renders looking pretty nifty...
  10. skyfoxx

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue English TGS Trailer & Release Date!

    The hooded figures in KHX have completely different voices than what I was imagining 0_0 But Daaaaaang, this game looks so gorgeous! I'm ridiculously hyped right now, probably far more than I should be but I don't care!
  11. skyfoxx

    Kingdom Hearts HD II.8 Is Coming to TGS With a Trailer and Demo!

    Re: Kingdom Hearts HD II.8 Is Coming to TGS With Trailer and Demo! It's already been confirmed they'll talk KH3 in winter, so Jump Festa is the more likely event where they'll announce stuff.
  12. skyfoxx

    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts | Let’s talk Lightyear, Luca, and everything else!

    Re: Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - Top 3 Worlds You Want w/explanation Pretty much this. It'd be kind of like when Hunchback of Notre Dame was put into KH3D. People liked that it was finally a world, but at the same time many are upset they didn't wait to put it in KH3 so they could do more with...
  13. skyfoxx

    Willa Holland Recently in Recording Booth for Kingdom Hearts HD II.8 Final Chapter Prologue

    I don't know, I feel this would be more likely to be recording lines for KH3 than 2.8 The E3 demo was shown over two months ago which proved she already had her lines recorded. I highly doubt they would have waited a span of two to three months to finish recording because in the past it has...
  14. skyfoxx

    VentureBeat Interviews Tai Yasue on KINGDOM HEARTS 2.8

    It's funny how when businesses try to make decisions that will make them money or prevent them from losing money, people like to go "EVIL CORPORATION!!!" Here's the honest truth. Every single business does it. It's NEVER, for any business, NEVER about "Well, we need to bend over backwards for...
  15. skyfoxx

    IS Terra a keyblade master ?

    Pretty much this. Master Xehanort is a Keyblade Master, therefore if he makes Terra a master, he is a master. But honestly, the whole idea behind "Keyblade Masters" and whether they are just titles or something more has been tossed back and forth so many times to the point where almost nobody...