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  • I'm guessing it had to do with Sam's birthday? Oh and I heard about the AotW; nice addition to KHI actually. How is that going anyway?
    I never really believed she quite replaced Kairi as put herself in, and then kicked Kairi out with the rest of the Memories. Sora ended up forgetting everything, including Riku in the long run. Namine saying she replaced Kairi was a convenient way to get Sora to hopefully stop obsessing with her.

    And I donno. I'm a sucker for her type of character if they're written properly. Hence my adoration for Bleach's Orihime and Fruits Basket's Tohru, although Namine is a lot more introverted and shy than they are. They're adorable girls that give their all, when it comes down to it. :v
    Ah well there's not too much news circulating atm other then the scans and what not so you don't have to look into now. I'm pretty much skulking the boards as usual and trying to find some things to do. Moderation is pretty much out of my hands during this time of the day; guess I could always finish the boss guide I was working on.
    To begin with, I don't hate Kairi for being useless. I can deal with that, and for what it's worth, she is somewhat important albeit in a passive manner. That's a somewhat 'objective' flaw to her character I can forgive her for.
    Why I hate her is because she's obsessive compulsive towards Sora and a bitch towards Riku based on numerous things she said which can be taken in certain ways that tie in together.

    As for liking the characters that look like her (more general definition so I can throw Aqua in as well), it's like they realize how badly they failed with Kairi herself so they're trying to make up for it by everyone they can and relate her to them to supposedly lessen the blow.
    Hence why Namine is amazing, and both Xion and Aqua at least seem to be promising.
    Lol it's not a problem really. Plenty don't talk to me. There were several attempts on my part but I'm either ignored or they don't check messages. Eh. So sup Nate?
    Me and Atticus were wondering how the scoring system goes for AotW voting with the First Pick and Second Pick and all.
    Say, Riel, would you mind italicising the parts in my AOTW entry that were italicised in the PM?
    They were the character's thoughts, and there wasn't anything else to mark them as so, so it wouldn't make much sense to leave them regular.
    Thank you very much in advance.
    Can you add my Friend Code to the Platinum Roster in the Pokemon Thread?

    1075 6888 3984

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