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  • Ah, family functions. What aren't they great for? Whenever I'm faced with a situation like that, I find that it's normally a good compromise to bring a book along. It allows you to talk and socialize when necessary, but also get something done when nothing is going on.

    And if you wouldn't terribly mind, would you mind moving this conversation to MSN? It's all too easy forget to refresh KHI sometimes, especially when I'm trying to multitask as much as I am. lol what, you've disappeared. That solves that problem, I suppose.
    That's actually one of my favorite states to be in, it's wonderful for laying in bed and thinking about things. It's good to hear that you're otherwise alright though. And please, do tell what is happening to you tomorrow, I'm intrigued.
    I hope you didn't take my comment from the other day out of context.
    No hard feelings right? ;-;
    Oh no, it's a good thing :3~ it surprised me is all. But considering you were a GM previously it was just a matter of time.
    I can't blame you, the new color is sexy >;3

    I saw you mention that in the Water Cooler earlier, but I would have never thought you would have been upgraded again. What a nice surprise right? Reminds me of the time Ty came to me and offered me a position on the staff *sigh* good times.

    hehe yeah yeah second time I know XD
    I actually really like this name of yours, it was always my favorite. And, if nothing else, your plethora of pseudonyms makes me feel better about the several I've gone through myself. Mine is staying, I don't think that I could justify another to myself.

    And I picked a horrid time to start a conversation, I'm going to bed. G'night.
    Oh, clever. (though the teal really does go more nicely with that name, it's much more subtle)

    As for me, I'm not really sure about that. The red is infinitely better than the terrible blockly platinum though, that's indisputable.
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