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  • just in time hope you like it i tried something that i'm not used to

    the stock looks like it might be a pain to work with but god knows i'll try <3
    It just occurred to me that you might be interested in seeing this: YouTube - Dark Souls Announcement Trailer
    it was a close race though. you must have banned him just seconds before i clicked the ban button cause i had filled out the ban reason and everything
    Your sure are one hell of a writer I must admit.
    I noticed you don't post as much in creative writing's main section anymore ):
    I remember you posted in the battle section in 09' for some battle royale that Rainfire posted, and I remembered DK did battle, and he had a few characters I remembered. So i figured, 'Is Riel the same dude?'
    Haha, much appreciated man. I've had my share of influences, I will admit at times I have lapses where I do not make sense, but I attempt to keep a conscious in everything I write/say off the top of my head.

    You wouldn't happen to be Dawning Kensai would you? (random, but im almost positive your him)
    mess, hands down. although, i think mess pairs perfectly with jonny, but imo swan sounds much better with kurt than mess.
    first part of the song by jon:

    "I'm a horrible shot
    I tie a horrible knot
    I pushed a bunch of little people over once
    Well a rest is best when you stress a test
    And you forget all about your aching ass
    I'm a horrible shot
    I tie a horrible knot
    I muck ace a lot
    I’m gonna pace the lot
    Don’t be tardy for my leaky Barbie TV party pee in the park"

    i take it back, still pretty random, haha.
    i actually completely agree with you. the drums in parts are nice in parts, as you said the guitar is great, and i also noticed that the bass has been brought out more, which i like.

    but honestly, i'm the other way. Jon mess is the only 'let down' for me. i mean, don't get me wrong, it's still great, but it's a bit too much in parts and like you said, completely incomprehensible. i agree with you that jonny is way too relaxed in this track, i want more from him, i want that raw sound he used to give, not this chilled out shit (still love him though.)

    overall, the thing i'm really disappointed with is the lyrics. of course i'd need to see them written down because i can't understand 75% of them (lol) but from what i can tell, it's pretty average. the lyrics were what i loved the most (after jaycee) in DBM1 (see: surprise! i'm from cuba), they're just so funky, random, soulful and passionate. kind of a beautiful mess.

    oh yeah, and even though i wasn't exactly Kurt's biggest fan, i do agree to some extent that his voice would be more fitting.
    just listened to it now. i love it, but it's not as good as anything on DBM1. it has a more upbeat sound, but i'm glad to hear that they've still got the musky, kind of low quality sound to their tracks :) what do you think?
    Thanks bro. <3

    It was supposed to have like five months ago, along with when Ryan and Eddie were promoted, but KHI has trouble changing my usergroup. It took weeks to change me into FFN staff too.
    he still hasn't posted anything on his blog yet. at least DgD appears to be safe, haha.
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