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  • Even if you don't get into ff you'll be impressed by the movie, whole thing computerized super realistic, best graphics you can get and the movie is like 2 hours, so yeah it's awsome. On myspace search Cura Kasamake, what's your name though so I know which to accept, cause I'm picky with who I accept.
    What's your name on myspace, unless you don't want to be my friend on it that is, have you seen final fantasy 7 advent children complete
    Lucky, oh so no myspace or anything T-T lol. If you get ps3 then I recommend if your allowed to play M games get killzone 2, in the far future when I get ps3 I'm going to make a online account if you make one killzone 2 would be fun. Why cause in 2 player gun games I like chasin down the person (in game) lol. Or maybe it's just because my brother freaks out when I do that so that's why it's fun but otherwise not sure.
    Your lucky, what other systems do you have, all I have is a ps2 and I'm dissapointed that they just didn't keep making kh games on ps2 ya know. Do you have any im accounts like aim, or do you have a myspace account if you do what's your name on it.
    I really want to but can't don't have ds besides if I had to pick between which I get first it would be psp cause there are more games I want on it like kh bbs, ff7 cc, ff dissidia, etc. But yeah someday I'll get ds and get obviously. You know your a true kh fan when you are plannning to mod your ps2 just to play a japanese game you don't understand which is what I plan to do lol.
    Warning though I don't if it's just gameshark or what but you should use a spare memory card that either you don't use anymore or one that does not have important memory saves on it, because the cheat device does corrupt your memory card, and also takes up a big amout of memory. No code breaker does also not have all these codes already on it you have to enter them in, they're easy to find though, on youtube and such if you ever get it here is a room mod for the code breaker to go into any rooms counting ones in cutscenes you never go to. Suggest you bookmark this.

    Just saying you can get it from gamestop used for 2 or 3 dollars thought I suggest you wait like I am going to, to see if they get it new. It also works on kh fm games too. I did some of that stuff on gameshark 2, like the destiny island thing, if you ever get it I suggest you use the code for the infinite jump, that thing from the xemnas armor battle 2nd time, with the never end jump and super fast glide, cause yeah you can do that. Also fight 2 sephiroths, I was on level 99 and I still could never beat them it was so hard.
    Well right now I have gameshark, not satisfied with it so I plan to get code breaker, reason I want cheat things is because you can play roxas, riku, mickey, etc. you can fight any boss anywhere you want even the big thing that you fight the second time at lion king, if you fight it at clock tower in twilight town it breaks the barrier so you can go to the top of the tower, go to destiny islands and anywhere really, even in kh1. So I think that's awsome myself.
    Sometime I want to get photo shop but since I don't have it yet, it seems lot's of people on here don't like cheat code things do you?
    I saw your post on Afro Nyokki's page, and there's absolutely now ay the game will be out September 6th. It's September 29th. No earlier.
    Ha it's better than Platinum. Nintendo and their silly rehashes.. third versions and ports and!!! It's good to have something REASONABLY new to look forward to! Platinum was horrible :( what a waste of good new features. I hope they're incorporated into HG/SS. Hm you're probably a fan of Platinum, but I never saw the point myself, and the same with Emerald. Bring on Johto!
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