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  • That's great! In that case, write some good essays and I think you're in. (Keep in mind, Top 10% means automatic admission into state universities, but it doesn't mean automatic admission into the department you're interested in. You might get accepted into A&M, but if you were interested in say, Petroleum Engineering, you still have to apply to that department).

    What major are you interested in?

    Aggie life is superb. Everyone at A&M is so nice, high-spirited, and easy-to-approach, so you'll quickly make lots of friends (and if you get plugged into a certain community, you'll meet mutual friends fast). There's, what, 8,000 student organizations you can get plugged into? And if you want, you can start one up yourself. There's lots of fraternities and sororities as well. There's lots of freshman activities to get involved in, and there's lots of fun to be had as an Aggie. I'm having the time of my life.

    I have to warn you, though, if you want to study engineering, your first year will be very, very difficult. And so you don't make the mistakes that the other engineers made, I've got lots of tips for you on what classes to take, when, and what professors, etc.
    If you want me to be completely honest from my anecdotal experience and speaking to a bunch of other people here, it seems to be quite hard to get into (and at least much harder for people who are white). Most people I know here were in many AP/dual-credit classes, had a stellar GPA, were involved in extra-curricular activities and student organizations, got really good scores on the SAT, etc. I had almost none of those except a few dual-credit classes and a stellar GPA, but I was homeschooled, so I wasn't really able to do student organizations or anything like that.

    If you want to come here, you should definitely apply. But it's important that you have good grades, and the competition to get in is really increasing. Every single valedictorian from the different high schools in my school district back home went to A&M. And unless you enroll in an Honors program at the university and/or keep above a 3.5 GPA in your classes here at A&M, it'll be nigh impossible to get a scholarship from A&M. It's very competitive, in that sense.
    lol i wouldnt doubt it, Norwalk is a small town. i love it though its really a simple and great place to be.
    no =/ it mustve been a diffrent part of Norwalk lol have you ever been to the town sqaure??
    I bring some videos to entertain you then~

    One owl, three forms.
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    As for this next one, who knew...?

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    I saw, two more times y'all got over 10! I think now that the Premiums have the most wins :D

    The tags might have also edged as well, who wrote those? ^_^;;
    XD Maku's a cool guy, super good know-how in pokemon though, my goodness~

    But I hear he has given up in the thread? :O
    i hate the new notifciations.

    you can barely see anything. D:

    anyways, sorry I'll be there in a minute or two.
    hey, can we do this tomorrow or another day?

    I have NO clue where my laptop case is atm, and my DS is in there.

    is that alright? :3
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