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  • lol no xD
    Site Staff is regular blue, mine is sky blue, so I'm a Legendary member. xDD
    Sounds fun "learning from the women" in your class, *snort*.

    Good, living every bit of the few days I have before school.
    Hmm... Electricorn would have been interesting to see in the world of Pokemon, so does Flowbermeow.

    So how's life been treating you as of late?
    Since preschool? lol What a coincidence! That makes us two! xD I think I picked POK?MON Yellow Version before I even entered Kindergarten, *snort*.

    Uh... For wi-fi, all you need is a NINTENDO DS/3DS and a wireless internet connection, nothing to do with a special Nintendo adapter.
    TV Tropes...? Excuse my ignorance, I don't know what that is, but I've read it somewhere before, hmm...

    Yeah, tell me about it, I'll be joining your world in a couple of months... '-'
    Hmmm Part of me wants to say he'd use Dark type Pokémon. And the player has to defeat him in a Pokémon battle to stop him from his plans in the pokemon world.
    Though on the other hand, (This was on total accident and I didn't realize it until just now) The three poke balls he has might as well be TAV. They after all were kinda his pawns in his plans. He used all of them in his own way. I'm trying to figure out how Ven and Vanitas work though.
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