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  • Oh the gif in my signature? It's from a video on youtube, a short animated story. Just search "Draw With Me" on youtube, it's the first one. Glad you thought it was cute. :)
    I don't think my mind is capable of realizing just how epic they will be! And I loved that Care Bears review; it was hilarious.
    AM I EVER!!! When nothing came up last week, I was afraid I'd missed the 2nd anniversary or they weren't doing anything after all. And then I saw the trailer and I got SO pumped! This is going to be epic and hilarious and it's all week long! WOOT!
    I am SO sorry; I forgot to reply to you!!! *hangs head in shame* Yes, I DID see the "Drop Dead Fred" review, and I just watched his new "Care Bears Movie" review today too!
    *The evil laugh will follow you whispering fantasy will be a Xion fan one day* You all must not let this happen! As long as I know Xion hate is combating Xion love I can hold the evil laugh at bay,but one misstep and it will have me lol*
    Lol, facepalm.You were referring to yourself. *note to self stop speed reading* It just turned 9:16 here. I don't want 12:00 to come lol. Goodbye though. :( I'm going to miss you guys a lot! Keep the Xion hate alive for me. If you all don't I might have to convert to a Xion fan! *does evil laugh*
    *cocks head* What do you mean the club wasn't the best way to do it? Do you mean I shouldn't have posted the message at all in there? Or that I should have continued to post in the club at least and leave everything else on the site alone? It's only 8:57 p.m. where I'm at,and I want be leaving until 12:00 so I still have time to hate on Xion lol.
    ;) Well, I'm pretty sure that I can handle mature themes. :D I've seen worse. XD And awesome, I'll go check it out in a moment. :) I bet you're a wonderful writer!
    ...What beautiful graphics you have. Like whoa, they're so pretty. @____@ I could just stare at 'em forever and ever. <3 I love them!! Even though I'm not a huge fan of Roxas and Namine together, I have to say those are just...breathtaking.
    Welcome back ! They are indeed for that lol. Make sure Namine doesn't get some on her dress. White is hard to wash lulz. Have you spoiled yourself on BBS? If you have then you must have seen the terrible rage inducing news about Xion. :(
    Yes, all newspaper work, but said what my favorite ones to do are.Weird? lol no. Just pop in and dive into the conversation. It's all about Xion. The more we bash her the better lol
    Yes, she's most definitely older than you. She's about to turn 21 lol. My younger sister isn't that much older though. She's 19, and want be 20 until July 18. Exactly, not putting your opinion in it just kinda kills it,but I have to watch myself though. Journalistic ethics and everything. I don't want to put my opinion in something that doesn't call for it. Like straight news stories for example. Yes! You still dislike her lol .The club is lulzy though. I love going there.
    Lol to the birthday thing. Well happy early, early birthday then. :) Your real one is actually a day after my sister's. I write any and everything my editor gives me. I actually don'tlike writing real newsy ones. They bore me. I have a very creative mind and that comes out in my writing. So I like to do feature s and opinions because you have the freedom to write them in a creative point of view while still be truthfully to the subject matter. Oh you like writing to. Maybe I'm talking to a future journalist.^_^ Oh quick question do you still dislike Xion lol. I saw your name in the club.
    Yes, I work at my local paper. It's fun,and actually getting a a degree in it helped me get ready for what to expect. I couldn't have been more ready. I was on my college paper my entire four years. I just love writing. So I got a career in it so I can write to my hearts content.Opinion and feature articles are my favorites to write. Oh you're in a journalism class! Have fun in there.
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