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  • Oh and thanks for the birthday wish :) Omg yours is tomorrow! In case I don't get on here's an early Happy 17th birthday!
    I got my Bachelor's degree in journalism, and I want to get a masters in Mass Communications. Which includes print, broadcast, radio, and the internet.
    Sorry for the late reply. :) Grad school is for people that have finished the regular four years at a university, and now have a Bachelor's degree. At grad school you get to get your Masters or PH.D.
    Yes,out of college thank-god.^_^ I was supposed to be going to graduate school to get my masters this semester, but I was rejected. Color me shocked. When I asked why they told me my GRE( it's like the SAT or ACT for grad students) weren't up to scratch. However they said my GPA, reference letters, and portfolio were good so I can try again next semester. Er so let me get this straight my dean's list GPA and overall portfolio were good, but I can't get in because of one lousy test?! Ugh. Admittedly standardized tests have always been my downfall. I'm a good student otherwise, but put a test in front of me and I'm liable to suddenly forget everything. Hope you don't have that problem lol
    I'm just peachy.Internet being crazy right now.Sever not found my foot.So I don't know how long I'll be on before it starts acting insane again. School? What is that phenomenon! Lol, hope it's fun for you. I liked school, and yet I'm glad it's over for me as well as college. I'll let you get back to studying if that's what you were doing.:)
    You're on my friends list, and yet I'm not being much of one. Time to remedy that now. So how are you for a start? ^_^
    I just got a friend request from you. I'm honored lol, and I accepted of course. Is there any particular reason you wanted to though. Is it something I said in a thread etc?. :)
    What kind of rep is that you gave me? Its grey...
    lol "So it was said from this day forward he shall be known as Mister Awesome, and then he WAS known as such tell the day he died"
    in fact here's a quote from him in that Thread free of charge "Don't take it so personal. We're just trying to point out your flaws."
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