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  • i had the same issue minus the porn. me neither it was a miracle i found it on deviant art the 1st time and im sure theres been 1000's more images since.
    me to but i cant find the old one or a better one ;_;

    almonds oh man...i ahte those XP them and coconut, so nasty. love peanut butter~
    lol to many of those dont do wonders to a person XD

    haha happy dance. the corners was my problem i'd hold the brake as i turned them like drifting in mario kart. see! phones are evil! and useless! >XD
    XD great job tho what bout all the other races? also if you dont know to get the journal complete you have to do those races again in the arena same goes for the board games.
    :'D you looked to? (lol didnt know riku nose bleeding was so loved) i thought of that i originally found it on DeviantArt but 1000's of rikus are updated like weekly so...
    :/ i dont know probably the issue with virus' and the loading problem, no one liked it at 1st either XD now i dont care.

    :3 then whats the pro- WAIT! you dislike parts of the candy!?

    eh you'll eventually get it its a matter of practice with that racing.
    DX< i know! the game is EVIL! EVIL I SAY! DAMN NOMURA!
    ;_; i-i dont know! i dont know where it is! i cant even find it in all our convo pages! it must have been deleted with all the albums when the redid them.

    D:< oh hell no take her candy when she's gone next time!

    o,0 wow really?
    ugh atlantica.......hate the world......whats worse is the ice cream beat has higher difficulty levels DX<
    lol thanx, tho i miss my original riku pervy thought one. cant find it.

    it is a miracle! D: you have special powers this is proof!

    they took the candy!? oh hell no! i wouldnt let that slide!!!!!

    my worst one was the damn ice cream beat, damn nomura for that minigame DAMN HIM.
    have you tried the shortcuts? when i did the racing i spammed my shield a lot to.
    (lmfao pervy thought)

    !! D: that is awesome! if had done that the damn thing would have broken into oblivion!

    lol least you got candy >XD

    ;D a real crazy person can look sane~
    -_- she sure doesnt sound that bright....500$ dollar dog.....

    lol sailor moon. XD i like Megabyte-y-Woman its just a name anyone can lol at.
    where were you powers last night? :[ my computer's connection just quit.

    HA! dont feel to bad your lucks better than mine XD (ive never won a lottery either)

    you weren't always crazy? D:
    XD then beat the heat. i hate hot weather >.< i like it cool~

    pretty good i got infamous 2 the other day :D and been blowing things up in the game ever since muwhahahahah.
    i fear it!

    XD she still shouldve asked to keep the 500$
    D: hell yeah thats a gift!

    how are you today?
    its very wrong if you see the comparison image of him and one of them developer guys. im sure its temporary cause its b4 dmc3 and you cant change his look without fixing all his other game appearances. lol fangirl rage.

    T^T yes. XD people like my dad and your sister need walkie talkies.
    i dont have my 1st phone *since it was drowned* or ds *sold it* or psp *damn thing* how do you do it!? XD

    yeah tho like uriyu its just the hair. thus why i mention her XD
    :3 then you should but laxative in his kids food when he come to pick him up wait no dont mess up the kid......damn i got nothin.

    i know :/ he looks....awful, tho in the last trailer i seen the game play showed at tiems his coat would turn red and his hair white so maybe the look is only temporary.

    ...no it doesnt XD the things i go thru most is computers, so there is another who has my curse T^T damn things i think they just want to piss me off >:[
    not many actually cause i hate phones therefore mine is hardly ever picked up or used~ XD now my dad goes thru a phone like a dealer thru pain pills.

    >XD i figured you'd complain bout hime's new look b4. better than the actual animes :/
    ah i know that type -_- usually i just let them set and cry and lock the door to that room after awhile they get over it.
    then his father is a dumbass :/ cause that will come back to bite him in the ass 10 years from now.

    aqua was my fanservice...til nomura changed her back of her outfit >:[
    lol the thing bout the panties is they had more detail than most of kh2 in general -_-
    ive only played 3 and 4 (plus the anime) 4 is fun but the story is short, 3 is far better. there also making a new dmc.

    >:3 see..you missed your chance.

    yep back when i had money (from a job) to burn....i miss that T^T

    XD over hair!? SERIOUSLY!? but i agree next time im near a hastings their getting what bleach dvds i got, im just gonna keep the movies since their actually decent.
    thats why you should take it away cause by letting him keep it it shows him your all his ho's. thats it now but forget not the microwave XD
    XD he's not weird all kids ive seen like to play with brooms...for what reason im unsure o.0

    D: !? b-but why...wait i dont want to know XD. lmao her kh2 outfit...i cant lol without thinking of that panty video on youtube and no its not what you think apprantly with a bit of camera moving you can see her panties in the actual game...and yes its real i tried.
    which dmc did you play?

    XD dont chicken out!

    pfft ive had 3 psps and each had issues plus im broke. (heehee i had no hope to crush see XD)

    i guess its kubo's attempt to show a year's worth of age?
    XD thats adorable tho should you all even let him hold a cord?
    lol no harm to the microwave anyway.

    i dont think the graphics were messed with between versions.
    your crazy! Aqua is much better...tight outfit...those stockings...the boobs!
    now you know how ever aqua fan feels as they try to concentrate on their bbs game XD
    ....how insulting D: but still funny XD

    thats true i did like the trying to sound like old al :D
    lmao and funnier >XD the one part while whinery is putting on winter type automail is my favorite.

    >;D try the bleach thread i bet someone there can actually help with that.

    I KNOW! :D its hope. HOPE I SAY! *broke psp wants bbs on ps3...where it should have been to start with*

    XD style. made a few happy XD
    thats good :D
    lol what you gonna do when he learns to plug it in? XD

    >XD i know the graphics are damn good. i love it to damn psp breaking T^T
    pfft you crazy Aqua is the sexy one.

    ive been watching it to :D i love it much more than the 1st anime and yes this one is pretty much like its manga to the letter.
    you only seen a few D: theres like 64. XD i figured you'd notice the new al va 1st.

    XD that should be emailed to kubo.

    also bet you havent seen this yet: PSP Remasters coming to PS3 in HD News - PSP - Page 1 | Eurogamer.net

    also *lol* ichigo's latest power: Bleach 458 - Read Online at Manga Stream (each time i see it the mighty morphin power rangers theme plays in my head)
    :3 are you better today? XD he might boy's like something like that.

    T^T i do it keeps playing over and over....and over.....
    dont expect the manga to end soon :/ there already on an arc with ichigo regaining his powers (AGAIN!) tho its had all human characters so its been decent :3

    so true :D
    i decided to get rid of what bleach dvds i have :/ with all the filler its not worth going thru the trouble getting, i just hope someday they make a "brotherhood" of bleach like they did FMA.

    :] its been on adult swim lately (12:30) and i really like it, i think theres only been 3 episodes so far and unlike bleach it eventually ends XD
    D: you sure your alright thats seems pretty bad for a appliance fire....
    i think you'll feel better tomorrow ^ ^

    XD if we ever get to a final episode the english dubs are so far behind the manga its sad.
    lol i dont think ANYone gives a damn bout aizen XD
    if renji dont man up i dont see that happen, pfft orihime wont die she has to many "fans"
    i remember in the bleach thread them mentioning that something bout kubo saying grimmjow will be important to ichigo in the future but that was long ago so dont get to happy.

    XD a fridge *its funny for some reason* i love that feeling :D

    watch durarara on adult swim?
    XD i though MX was the pedo leech...oh no wait he's the "body invasionist"

    lmao XD HE FLAMED A HOT DOG!? thats fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! .....now that thats out of my system, sorry bout your throat :/ is it one of those hurts to even inhale ones? cause then i know your pain.
    also im not sure i'd mess with that microwave anymore o.0

    dont blame you honestly i hate all the filler but damn it i want to know how it ends T^T also bout the only cool thing since ichigo's mask was his final getsuga tensho and aizen finally getting beat (beat mind you not killed -_-)

    so aside from that throat how are you? :3
    0.0...pfft hahahahahahahahahahah not to start with!? XD lol...feel almost ashamed for saying that

    XD what the hell!? "slurp" what the hell is slurp!? XD

    how are you today? been keeping up with bleach?
    a big one :3

    lol no wonder ive never seen it XD
    really? i figured they brand him a pedo himself cause of roxas XD

    im going to bed now :3 goodnight~
    ^ ^ nope~

    XD no. there is!? XD funny as that is those people have to much tie on their hands.
    still dont know :3 oh well.

    XD i never thought of that! he is a little thin isnt he XD
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