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Recent content by SantoryuKeyblade

  1. S

    Kh Logo

    Yep. It's there, but only for Kingdom Hearts.
  2. S

    Wave of darkness

    I think the part with Sora falling out of the sky signifies that him and Kairi willbe separated in the end. First Sora is on the groung with her, like at the very last cut scene before the credits where they're talking for a few seconds. Then Sora falling from the sky tells you that they will be...
  3. S

    Deck Showoff

    I don't know...sounds kinda fishy. I'll try it.
  4. S

    The Official Organization and the dusk post

    I really think that the Eingmatic Mam is the leader. He's the only member we really don't know much about and the only one's face we havent really seen yet. He was also the first member to be introduced into KH (first shown in Final Mix). Mickey also really sticks out a lot in my head. i don't...
  5. S

    Riku Light, Dark, or Twilight...

    What about the "Inbetween?" That can be like having light and dark inside you but they are not coexistind together as they normaly, which would make Twilight.
  6. S

    Rate the Avatar above you

    How does each persons avatar look? Go give a rating.
  7. S

    Sephiroth vs. Ansem

    The main reason is that Ansem is the evil king scientist guy that had an experement that wen backwards. Sephroth is just an evil dude thats over powerful and wasnt everybody dead.
  8. S

    Riku's Keyblade?!

    I don't think Lost Heart has a keychain on it. I've fought Dark Riku too many times not to notice something.
  9. S

    Dusks...just costumes?

    I think the part with the crystals are drawn to help the artist with the basic shape of the character. Some people use lines instead. About the other one, I'm just as lost as you are...
  10. S

    Riku Light, Dark, or Twilight...

    I still think that he's gonna be "inbetween." Not light, not dark, not twilight...It's something my friend told me there was gonna be with the keyblades. Light Darkness Twilight Inbetween When I find the site he got it from I'll post it. I'll tell you all if it's all a hoax too.
  11. S

    Best RIku Move

    Actually I'm starting to lean more twords the melee attack...I've over done Dark Aura
  12. S

    wats your fav sword/keyblade of all time?

    Hmmmm...I'd have to say the Lost Heart. For those of you that don't know, it's Dark Riku's keyblade.
  13. S

    Riku Light, Dark, or Twilight...

    CoM brings up a big question once you beat it. Wiil Riku eventually become Twilight, or is he already there? After Riku says that he can faintly smell Ansem inside of him, Mickey says that Riku has a balance between Light and Darkness. His Darkness is his own, just like his Light. Also, at the...
  14. S


    Darkness rules!!!!!!! Anyway...About Riku still having darkness inside him brings up some more questions. Wiil Riku eventually become Twilight, or is he already there? After Riku says that he can faintly smell Ansem inside of him, Mickey says that Riku has a balance between Light and Darkness...
  15. S

    Best RIku Move

    Obvesly the Dark Aura!!!!!!!!! His regular combo isn't bad either. I also found out how to do that move where he spins on the ground. You jump them quickly press A (if Soul Eater is slected) and he does a 360 with his sword sticking out. Great move if you're surrounded.