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  • I haven't. I sold my 3DS a few months ago to be able to buy something kinda important...

    I have! Twice, in fact.

    Yeah...I'm not sure how I feel about The Last of Us. It's very apparently inspired by Uncharted. Not sure if that's good or bad.
    I like the theory, with one addition, they will save Isa for Lea. And one theroy consistency, how will Sora know to save Xion if he doesn't even know who she is (heck Roxas, who was the closest to her can't even remember her name, but remember a friend he used to have ice cream with.) An interesting theory is MX finds a way to corrupt one of the 7 guardians to his side (he still needs his 13th vessel) I Know right, is this the James C. Avatar, except in video game form. ( avatar took almost 11 years to make o_O) and if kh3 is going to be a while, at least release a HD collection contain all the games with their FM content and a 3D rendered 358/2 days (kind of like RE: CoM, hey a guy can dream right and wifi Days multiplayer would be awesome.) to hold us off. In ALL REGIONS PLEASE, sry still angry we don't have FM, watching a region free BBSFM for 24 dollars, you never know.
    Just like 50 years ago it was unacceptable to have black and whites be in the same school, and look at that today, we get along perfectly like we had no color, maybe one day people will see us for our personalities and not our physical goods and charms. I am so freaking bored right, too depressed to play my BBS because I am desperate to know the events of kingdom hearts 3 (especially the fates of terra,aqua,ven,Xion, and the awesome Roxas( though terra is awesome too)). I am wasting my life away on a chat site. Oh well, better than drugs, etc. right. Starting to ramble because I'm bored.
    If it has been a longer time since you had the dream it probably won't work. I put the stuff I had dreamt down as a scribble note the very morning after I had it.

    Yep, especially in the light of Germany already doing the most to keep the monetary union stable (we are the country which is paying the most in most fields of the EU) and yet we get ranted at and insulted because we do not want to pay for other countries' debts. We already made our homework by applying reforms a few years back, which is one reason why Germany still stands this good right now.
    I heard about the problems in the USA as well. After all, it was from there where the big crisis in 2008 came and the wall street and speculants are still as powerful as ever because Obama didn't manage to win against the lobbyists.
    Lacking available jobs especially for younger people is a very huge problem nearly in the whole western world nowadays, and here at least young people often only get small jobs where they do not earn enough to be able to sustain themselves.
    Helping out somewhere does at least yield a bit of an income, it's certainly better than nothing.

    Haha, unfortunately that isn't completely in my power, as the next chapter is in the hands of my beta reader who just right now seems to drown in school assignments. I do hope though that I can hold the usual release schedule which is outlined in the first post of the story-thread, meaning a new chapter every second week.
    I also do have to give people some time to read and comment on the current chapter.
    I'm flattered though that you're so eager to go on with it. ^__^
    Makes me one happy author. *ggg*
    And thanks for not judging me. And writers block really do suck :(. The next world we go to will be twilight( my friend is a huge twilight fan so I wonder where that will go.)
    Funny thing about my crappy idea, in story mode it's sucks, but as a RPG everyone seems to like it. So, in the game we are currently at the Beiberliver world where everyone worships bieber, but we don't like him. What we need to do is frame bieber for being gay. And we prove it, but the only way to catch a gay guy is with another gay guy, so ultimately, I become bieber bait (yeah I'm gay so who cares) and I just got him to confess without any disgusting ways. Sry if your a bieber fan, I just don't like him and neither do my friends, as I said makes for an interesting role play, but a crappy fanfic :D good luck with your story though.
    Even though the names are weird, so are names like marluxia and demyx, some of there names are completely stupid.

    But thanks, your a good friend and Sry you can't play DDD.
    Hehehe, you'll get used to it. When I explain stuff it tends to get a bit longer, as many people on here who know me can confirm. XD
    You wanna know something funny? The source of the story I am now writing was originally a KH dream I had in 2010. The events happening in chapters 1 and 2 are actually the content of the dream I had. After writing it I thought about turning it into a full fledged story and started planning. The first thing I added was the Prologue and afterwards I started to flesh out my notes to plan a full blown plot.

    Yea, Germany to be specific.
    Uhm, pretty smooth actually. The weather is rather erratic this week, but all in all Germany is a pleasant place to be at most of the times. Even with steadily increasing costs and lowering wages as well as the annoying Euro-crisis.

    are a couple, but i think roxas will fight saix instead for tormenting the "Puppet"

    and hello Austin. I am in the middle of writing the crappiest Mulituniverse fanfic story ever written,has KH,Pokemon,YGO,Mario,Metroid, and a whole bunch of themes but the main plotline mostly resembles KH and its 13th Order who are after Kingdom Powers and using the 9 Heroes of heart to open the worlds largest power depository including weapons, spells, creatures, and much much more. sounds stupid right, its for a RPG my freinds are doing and they said it would be an interesting story, in the middle of a writters block though
    I wouldnt mind being the Xigbar of the group :) I would say i would have to weild The No Name keyblade (yeah your Mysterious Figure's blade what you gonna do about it XD) and Roxas' Two Become One blades (yeah i stole our leaders blade what anyone going to do about it HAHAHAHA XD) Roxas is invincible, at least he won his battles fair and square, not riku who had to for lack of better words put himself on steroids of darkness (Wow I am crazy today XD) and Sora who had to cheat and call his keyblade, in war, if you drop your weapon, it wont MAGICALLY reappear in the nick of time to save you, Unlike Roxas who relied totally on his light and keyblademanship (WOW i need to go the the KH Fan asylum for crazy Kingdom Hearts Fans XD There I go agaon ROFL) no underhanded tactics. I think had Roxas been given the chance he would have beat Xemnas and freed Kingdom Hearts just like Xion wished. Xigbar was tied with Saix btw XD

    Dont worry about rambling, I have a bad habit of doing it too as you can tell XD. I think we will get along very nicely as KH fans/friends

    Daxwren the Nobody of the Somebody Andrew
    Thanks, am a big Roxas fan. And wanted to welcome you even though Im newer XD. Roxas will rule over all, he beat saix and axel. And was so close to defeating sora and riku. They both had to get desperate just to win All hail the mighty Roxas. XD. In one of my funny moods XD
    Practice is almost everything in that field. I did also much practice in German writing over the years, it's just that this one is my first actual story in full English.
    It shows, nine or ten years ago I have written like that too. ;)
    If you want to change it go ahead, but you don't need zo adhere to the new canon material just because it's there. If your story is from the time that, let's say KH 2 was the latest canon entry and your story is already finished and coherent, you can also choose to diverge from the canon and just tell the readers in an author's note that the story follows canon only up to KH 2 or something. It's the same with my story which follows the canon up to the end of Re: Coded (or rather, Blank Points) where Sora decides to venture out another time to save the tormented. After that though my own plot kicks in and Hearts in Unison will completely disregard anything from Dream Drop Distance, also because I had the core plot planned out before DDD was even out in Japan. There are some similarities nonetheless especially regarding hearts since I had some ideas which are pretty close to what DDD actually has shown us.

    The difference is that my story contains no original characters (meaning characters that I have invented myself). If you create an own character and place him/her into the KH-Universe then you already diverge from canon by adding someone who wasn't really there. A self-insert is also a form of this since the included original character actually becomes the avatar of the author him/herself.
    I write myself in Word, although the formatting isn't always kept when I copy the text into the forum.

    I have no problem with that. Feel free to ask away. ^__^
    However, as you might have noticed, my answers are sometimes pretty delayed which has 1st to do with my timezone (Europe) and 2nd because of my limited time during the week since I have a job to attend to.
    I'll try to get back to people as soon as possible, but sometimes the evening time simply isn't enough to answer everything. <__<
    Hello! It's nice to meet you Roxas! You can call me KK for short.

    I really like Assassin Creed too! Which one is your favorite so far?
    Hey, welcome to the community! I really hope you enjoy all the forums have to offer.

    Hit me up if you have any questions or need something. Or for any reason. AT ALL.

    Okay bye. <3
    Yep, writing isn't such an easy task as some people may think. Sure, you can have creative ideas en masse, but actually bringing them to paper in a proper way is a whole other topic.
    Ah I see, a self-insert fic. That was probably the case in my very first story (in germanof course) as well, but I quickly discarded that one after I realized how bad it was, lol.
    I will be totally honest in this as well, self-inserts tend to be scrutinized and critiqued very thoroughly and stern due to them being very difficult to pull off correctly. With a self-insert there is always the danger not to write objectively and put to much focus on yourself. Not to mention you'll be always tempted to give your own character the best powers and weapons,which can lead to a Mary Sue/Gary Stu characterization that will be the source of much criticism.

    As for your story. VMs aren't very good for posting stories since you have no formatting tools at hand here.

    As for what I read so far it's really written a bit clumsy and the lacking of paragraphs and any formatting does make it a bit hard to follow.
    As to speak like Nomura: Please look forward to it. Lol.

    Hmmhmm, I see, well, writing is often a difficult job. I'm also still a beginner especially with writing in English since I'm german.

    Before you can even think about writing an actual chapter you need a theme for the story and know who the main characters should be. In an ideal case you also have a small framework ready about the setting of the story.
    In KH this would for example mean to think first about if you want to do a story that remains close to the actual canon or if you want to diverge to a stronger degree. Then we have the point in time where you want to place the story: Between Birth By Sleep and KH1? Maybe even before BBS, after DDD?
    Another question would also be if you want to include original characters(meaning characters you invented yourself) or if you stick to the canon cast.

    In my case for example, the point in time I choose was in Blank Points right after Sora, Riku and Kairi read Mickey's letter. From there, I develop my own canon disregarding completely everything that happens in DDD, but all other games from BBS to Re: Coded are treated as canon.
    The original idea for the story was actually a KH dream I once had in 2010. In fact, that dream consisted of the events that are described in the chapters 1 and 2. The prologue was only added when I decided to turn this into a big story and started to plan a full main plot.
    Before I started to actually write stuff I spent three months from April 2011 to June 2011 to plan out a rough general concept with milestones for the main storyline and which elements should be included in any case.

    As for you, it's certainly also important what genreyou want to write in and what main point you would want to convey in your story.
    Well hello there new fellow fan and thanks for the friend request. Nice that my story caught your interest. ^__^
    The next chapter is already delivered to my proofreader, but I'll need to answer the reviews of the readers first anyways. ;)

    The next bigger focus around after Terra and Riku is right now Kairi, but after that we'll have at least a smaller look at the "twins" again. They're after all pivotal characters of the whole tale.
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