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  • Basically there’s a new type of heartless that has come into existence after Xehanort was defeated. They’re hybrids because they can possess a human host. Sora, Riku and Kairi haven’t been seen since the Islands fell and I think it’s been a year or two since then? The worlds are basically on the verge of falling apart. The player characters are currently split up between the Coliseum, Halloween Town (Krampus has made an appearance as a hybrid possessed Santa) and an original world called Willow’s Keep.

    Talk about an awesome birthday present!
    Yeah. :)

    That’s good to know, I’ll try to get a post up in the next couple of days. Hmm, would you be interested in joining Kingdom Hearts Apocalypse? I’ve taken over it because Magic quit.
    No, not the flu. I’ve just been struggling with my depression and anxiety recently, I’m starting to feel like posting again but I’m still a little rattled.

    Are you doing okay? Yeah I think it is my turn.
    *blinks sleepily* Yeah I’m still alive, just haven’t been feeling too well.

    Nope, I haven’t forgotten about Miracles. I’m anxious to see what happens next myself. :)
    I may be one of the biggest fluffballs here, but this fluff hides knives. XD

    The only thing would be if there's anything you know you DON'T want a character to have, like a specific type of clothing such as a skirt or something. Other than that I assume you're fine with just seeing what I come up with?
    I find it rather rude you're not letting them respond yet before asking someone else. Do they even know you've been asking other people? Imagine they get back to you willing to do them, only for you to say "Oh, I already had someone else do them. lol"

    I cannot in good conscience draw these, now knowing your lack of common courtesy.

    I don't mind doing the requests, just note that they'll be sketches (as I don't have much free time) and will have a watermark (though I try not to make them too obtrusive.)
    I’m sorry you couldn’t go. What did you watch though?

    Yeah and I think I posted right after you. Or do you mean you just posted? I’m so tired and confused.
    Yeah that’s true.

    I’m alright, just busy and mentally exhausted. No I didn’t, I stayed home and cuddled with my cat. How about you? Did you go out trick or treating?
    Hey Roxie, i just want to be the first to say it's been a while and hope that you're doing alright.

    Secondly, I want to extend an invitation to my roleplay Trust is [NOT] Resolute if you're interested, definitely give it a look <3
    Lol, yeah that's true. I'm just watching it because I want to finish it since I started it before but I still have yet to do so.
    Lol okay, I know usually it's about eight hours, but since I'm in the training period I've got a couple of short shifts coming up (I'm off today). I'm not sure yet what my schedule is past Monday though but it's still doable, provided I don't come back and binge Inuyasha instead since that's been something I've been doing this week. XD
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