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  • Lol okay, I know usually it's about eight hours, but since I'm in the training period I've got a couple of short shifts coming up (I'm off today). I'm not sure yet what my schedule is past Monday though but it's still doable, provided I don't come back and binge Inuyasha instead since that's been something I've been doing this week. XD
    Lol yeah, I like dogs too but I find cats to be more calming for my anxiety. And you seemed like a dog person.

    That’s a great idea! I’m going to have to try and do it too. :)
    I’m glad!

    I’m sure he will and I’m planning on playing it whenever I get the chance. ^_^

    I’ve got an intership with Disney through my college so I’m working for them until early January unless I extend. I’m also in one of their sponsored apartments and I’m living by myself because of my cat who’s basically an ESA since I’ve got really bad anxiety and depression and she helps to keep my emotions under control.
    Haha, okay I will. And I've got a post up, I hope you enjoy it. I'm not sure how much sense Tyler's segment made, but oh well, it was still fun to write.
    It’s okay, I’ll try to get a post done by tomorrow night. I’ve just been busy settling into a new apartment and a new job.
    Hey so I'm gonna be working on my post for Miracles (hi btw) and was wondering about who you were referring to at the end of your post. You mentioned a restaurant and when I left Kyle a month or two ago he was eating alone in a restaurant but so was Skitty with Tyler and Snow. We could make the restaurant one and the same but wanted to make sure before going through with my own post since I'm still thinking things out.
    Got a post done, have fun reading it. And Jack's part didn't quite turn out how I wanted it to, but there's some massive sweetness with them.
    Okay, I should be able to get a post up in a few days given the fact I figured out who's approaching Claire. I'm thinking it's Jack, unless you'd rather it's Hazel.
    Yeah, I know usually I do action/adventure style anime myself but I’d heard good things about it.
    I’d skip on it, there was an episode that had me telling Dream I was probably going to have nightmares. And now I’m watching My Little Pony to get over the freak out. Because it’s just sometimes you just need something cute to counter everything else.
    You’re welcome and that sounds fun.

    I’m doing well, just been watching some anime (specifically Tokyo Ghoul).
    Hey, I saw the post and I loved it. I’m just trying to figure out who approached Claire so I know who I’m writing the post from. Sorry for the delay in a reply.
    Yeah... I don’t remember ever being so happy before him.... But he was really struggling to make ends meet. And I guess he just didn’t want to break my heart anymore. But my heart’s really broken right now...
    OMG, it’s been 4 years since I last VMed you. I finally got a place of my own. I’ve been living here for 2 years now.
    That’s great and yeah he hasn’t had much post time recently. Okay, thanks take your time. Next up is Persona.
    I got a short post thrown together for Miracles, enjoy! And sorry for how short James's part is, I'm kind of rusty when it comes to writing for him.
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