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  • I imagine it'd be a rather scary time. lol Saiyans are powerful and humans are emotional, imagine that mix on a wide scale. xD
    The children of Vegeta and Goku marrying would preserve the gene longer but eventually the end result will be the same. All of Goku's children were stronger than he was at their ages though. I don't buy that either, a saiyan is a saiyan so females should be able to do it.
    I hold out the hope that the saiyan gene altered the human ones making every descendant more like Gohan. Gohan was the only one to be born with a tail but the power he had far exceeded any saiyan and his most powerful state is his base one.
    Goten too was seemingly born able to go super saiyan but no known tail.

    I think the genes mix in odd ways but it all ends with the child be stronger than the saiyan parent was initially. If that trend continues I'd say that all of Goku's human descendants will be strong though they may lose access to transformations since the saiyan gene is to deluded. However if their all like gohan they won't need them.
    Goten is a half breed like Gohan though so it's natural he can change. Goku Jr on the other hand is far less than a fourth since Pan is his grandmother.
    Trunks in the main timeline was never explained sadly. It showed his future self to super saiyan even though Vegeta died normal in that timeline though.
    It's not so much about power but blood. With each generation the saiyan gene will decrease, even the tail only appeared in one half breed.

    Of course it's always possible the saiyan genome introduced into the human population mutated the human make up somehow. For example Gohans most powerful form wasn't a super saiyan form but his basic one.
    Legacy was okay. I do wonder though if a descendant as far down as Goku Jr could even go super saiyan though.
    I disliked how everyone but Goku got week or how Goku was a child permanently. Honestly I don't know how to rank it. Last I remember Toriyama thought of it as a "side story".
    I just prefer to ignore it.
    I'm the same on fanfiction but this one has been actually good so far. It's drawn amazingly and the story has been inline with the series.
    GT was disappointing. TnT
    I just came across it today from the DBZ thread. It's fan made but look how good it looks: Vegetto's last resources. - Page 233 - Dragon Ball Multiverse
    I'm in an area so bad for internet that we didn't get somewhat fast stuff till a few years ago.
    That's how I felt all day, I just got my internet connecting two hours ago honestly. x'D
    Sorry but any form of a reality tv to me is just words I can't say without offending fans of it.
    Never heard of the joke show though.
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