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Shadow Fenix
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  • Alrightalrightalright I'm kinda back! But I hope the presentation for NASA went ok? That sounds amazing, woah. Lucky you get to play FXV, I myself am hoping to get a PS4 soon sjlvn
    Ohohh, I know exactly what Pokemon Center in Kyoto you're talking about, my friend took me there! And even though I stayed in Osaka for about 6 weeks, I didn't get to go to the Pokemon Center there. I'm so glad you brought an extra bag, because you definitey need it when going to Japan, especially if you're a pop culture consumer or into electronics. Everything is so cheap, secondhand stores have everything you'll ever need. Book Off is such a store! You can also check out Mandarake, which has everything. Oh, I didn't even know Square HQ was at Shinjunku! Oh, man, that sounds awesome! I definitely know about Boy and The Beast, and definitely saw it before going to Shibuya. Needless to say, I freaked out when I saw the icon Starbucks looming over Scramble Crossing depicted in the film. (I ate there with a friend!)
    I'll have to read over this again, I just skimmed a bit (I'm working on finals rn) but send me back a message so I'll remember to look this over again more thoroughly! I'm super excited to hear about everything else, definitely!
    OMG sorry dude, I thought I responded to this sooner; my apologies! But ah!! That's so cool, it sounds like you had a great time!! sucks that you got sick though.
    Oh! OH!!! I'M SO SORRY I FEEL OUT OF CONTACT! Please, tell me all about it: Did you have fun? Whatcha do?
    Nah i feel like a kirkman outfit would be more dangerous. He's the real villain here.
    Damn I'm regretting shaving this close to halloween

    I have a leather jacket, hatchet, baseball bat, and red rag... If only there was a costume that could be made with these
    Haha yeah, Chatter Monkey. But I only meant it in the most loving way possible of course.

    And for sure, the Steam Alan Wake came with all of the DLC, and I also grabbed American Nightmare, so I'll let you know once it's all wrapped up!

    And nice on Bioshock! Did Bioshock 2 have online trophies on PS4, or nah? Because I glanced at its PS3 list once and the online trophies kinda looked like a bitch. I'm excited you're starting Catherine though! As far as whether or not to use a guide from the start, it isn't a super lengthy game, so I honestly would just enjoy the first play through and get used to the mechanics (that was how I played it back in the day as well). Because you do eventually have to get gold on every level on hard, so if you do that your second play through you can also make smart use of a guide's save spots to grab every other ending on your second run. I warn you though, I haven't even platted it yet, 3 trophies elude me.
    Wow, I'm sorry this message seemed to get by me. But yeah, slowly but surely I'm playing through it, and I love it! I'm playing on Steam because I've never had an Xbox and I remember at the time of its release I thought it just looked like the greatest thing ever.

    Again, wow, missed this message 4 twelve days, I'm sorry dude, I'm really not sure how that happened.
    Its cool as hell you saw yoko, but sucks about your birthday lol. At least you have luke cage.
    Thats awesome to hear dude, haha. Once in a lifetime opportunities dont always work out but I'm glad it did for you.

    What was your favorite part?
    Post trip depression I think is a real thing.

    Aw man, I'm glad you loved it at least! How did you acclimate to the language barrier?

    I really want to go in the next couple of years so I've been trying to learn more about Japan like the tiny cultural differences (like getting food at a restaurant, and not waiting for your waiter instead calling out for help).
    Then I'm not too sure there are any differences between the two substantial enough go matter. I'd go with whatever is cheaper. C:
    I prefer my Vita for all visual novels honestly. I think because it feels more like reading a book...
    i'm pretty sure that was a pc emulation of the original kh tho. he does more than PC, but that is almost exclusively all he does.

    he did say he was hyped for ffxv and kh3 tho so i have faith.
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