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  • Okay suggestions for your template would be that you make the background for your character longer. Maybe include what world theyre from. If theyre evil or good, include how that came to be.
    Your weapon detail is fine.
    Also if you make the personality longer. its easier to unerstand characters when we know a bit about them. Maybe if they lose their temper easily, and are merciless, or if they make friends easily and aid allies as much as possible in battle. It doesnt have to be huge, just so long as we undersatnd the character :)
    No problem, ill go read it now.

    Why? You trying to start a popular thread? :) Id really just say its luck if people like your thread. My roleplay was dead then people asked for it to be remade. Only because some people liked it, other people decided to join.
    Well, I wouldn't say a lot, but I do frequent there from time to time, when something catches my interest. Although it kind of seems like there's a curse on me because most of the RPs that I get really into end up failing. Maybe its that I'm attracted to the ones that are more likely to fail. Hmm....

    Why do you ask?
    Well, for one thing, why not try being patient? I have other things to do as well. If you're not patient enough then you may as well ask other (and probably better) Rpers, perhaps you could ask Orion. I'll read it for you but I can't give you an answer immediately because I'm busy. I have to log off soon as well. I'd appreciate it if you act a bit more nicer to people you've just met.
    Hmm.... I can't make any promises, but I'll definitely take a look. :)
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