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  • honestly, i barely have much time for roleplays anymore. XD I'm joining one here because i finally found some time to, and its one that's really captured my interest. You're talking about the Dawn of Awakening RP, right?
    welcome to my profile you have 3 minutes total to leave a message before i 88877777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777 your profile i fill it with plain numbers
    Congratulation, you made me hate Kingdom Hearts more than I already have. Your RP is terrible.

    Or to put it nicely... You haven't wrote enough to have some form of overall plot [and no, being plunged into Hollow Bastion is not a plot]. The fact that there is so many spelling mistakes like 'hearless', 'possiable', 'Hollow Bastin' makes it unbearable. Thankfully, there isn't the word 'sence' in there, otherwise I wouldn't have been this kind.

    Write a lot. Get your ideas down. Plan the fcuk out of it. Don't post something that you conjured up in five minutes on Microsoft Word.
    yeah I can see it

    I don't rp though so there's not much I can do there :x
    Your doing it slightly off, way better but off. Also dont make a new sign up & ooc thread thats just spamming up the forums. :/ I would really recommend collaborating if you seriously want to make one. Also the spelling is bad.
    Substance. You know, the plot, the sign up template, the rp rules(the ones set by the people who started the forum) etc. You should be well informed about what you are writing about. Have the beginning and the end already made. And I would also recommend collaborating with a more experienced rper. That last piece of advice was given by an amazing one known as Orion.
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