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  • It's nothing personal and there's no real reason.
    I just tend to be very shy online. That's why I never make FC's and HC's. I just wait.
    Can I just PM it???
    I lost my guts. And you weren't online awhile ago so I couldn't make one.
    As much as I hate saying this because it's yaoi, *takes a deep breath*

    A gardener and a scholar can get along better than if it was a scholar and a viking.
    Lol evangelion is an anime series, it's about Biomechanical humanoid robots who basically were made to kill angels, no not nice ones, these beings that are like another race on our planet. It's complcating, it's liek the matrix, no one can explain it to you... you simply have to see it for yourself.

    Lol good luck ^_^ I have insomnia, I used to get about a half an hour of sleep every night in elementary school XD
    Gee someones not sneeky lol. I'm also waiting for my comp to finish uploading Evangelion 1.0 so I can watch the first two movies of Rebuild of Evangelion. after that it's a mystery apparently no one knows where the series is heading due to some corporaste rumors about 3.0 and 4.0 and the company that makes it and the man who owns/created it. So it's a bummer lol
    Not much justn screwin around on myspace, reading the english BBS page seeing what they're telling us and whatnot lol and you? I still haven't started building any of the models I got yet.
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