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  • Oops, wrong video, but I did see someone do it in one swing. He lined up all the junk and then used one extra one to send all the junk exploding.
    Well they were smart, lol because it will becoem really confusing if saomeone tells a lot to you then you watch it and your like wtf? *head starts spinning off* *screws start flying loose*

    No lol I need some catching up to do, like my friends want me to watch chobits and highschool of the dead.

    Lol I know, my big hard part was for the majority of my life I was on speed, aderal is the proper term for it, but it's the same chemical effect, for my ADHD, then a handful of other meds and like three downers at night, and I recently gave a lot of it up because it was screwing up my life, like I talked a hundred miles per hour and thought I was talking slow lol, but I got sick of the feelings it left me with, and when your depressed in highschools and the downers stop working, then you feel like you can't control your own life it just doesn't feel well then you have a mom like mien who says take your pills or I'll call the cops when your having a speed rage... and you don't even know why your going psycho. After I found out the effects of speed on any persons body, adhd and normal chemistry alike I stopped taking them, plus I hated having this gut-wrenching feeling once in a while.

    For the gut part imagine feeling lost and confused, then feeling like your throat is tensing up, then the air smells differently, then your stomach really starts to feel like it's doing holla hoops around your butt, then everything feels like it's spinning, and this stuff will happen randomly with no warning or without anything to really cause it
    Lol neon Genesis Evangelion. Yeah basically, don't listen to what anyone ANYONE says about it, unless it's telling you basic principal, wait still ignore that. The mroe you hear about it, the more confused you'll be when you watch it XD.

    Well the insomnia itself isn't bad, but it's trying to go by everyone elses schedule when you finally zonk out that suck, and it's that crap part where you ahve bad days and you want them to end, and you end up being all night thinking worser thoughts XD
    I'm planning on posting a thread on a fanfic of mine, 'cause I'm trying to keep it as canon-filled as possible T^T.
    Well, I suppose it's a good thing that you know how to handle yourself or something. What's up?
    Now I get what you mean! (<----- is fail and dumb)
    Okay, it's getting REALLY late. And I'm getting REALLY sleepy. So I'm gonna reply to the FC and HC then go to sleep.

    P.S. Axel and Zemyx hateclubs. post, please :D
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