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  • Meh. Frills don't work for everyone so I don't mind.
    Lemme know when it's up :"3
    Gave it to a friend for his b-day xD;;
    O.O Congratulations~! Dying to see you in the dress, actually :"3
    If I bothered writing the thing, I want it to be read. Otherwise I'm burning the notebook and I don't wanna do that - I've some great Rions and SoNamis and SoRikus in it.
    Though it's defiled beyond belief anyway now. Maybe I'll just tear the page out

    I'm good. Just came back from a friend's place for his b-day get-together.
    FINALLY found what to do with my copy of BBS ;3
    That's more or less how I was at first :3

    xD;;; alternating Anime is one of the only ways to keep going without growing tired of it.
    I actually hated her at first because I was afraid she was an in-show fangirl or something, but was quickly proved wrong. Thankfully C: she's one of my favorite anime girls.

    I think One Piece is a wiser investment, though you need to catch up on a lot more xD;
    Oh, don't get me wrong, I still love Orihime to death. But the series went down the drain a good while ago :\

    I wouldn't know how that feels. I'm catching up on One Piece xD;;;
    "Fan" is... too strong a word at the moment xD;;; and I stopped following the anime so I've really no idea how many episodes are out, sorry ono
    I'm still playing Platinum. I always try to evolve as many pokemon as I can before the league, so I'm stalling like woah xD;;;
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