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  • Yeah, so, when I get monies, I'll try to get a hold on those tablets. Best part? No side effects, unlike sleeping pills.
    I did beat him, but I died at the next fight, which made me rage-quit XD Going to level up my team before fighting those guys again :p

    A friend of mine looked into the Insomnia thing ( His girlfriend suffer from the same Insomnia I have ) and he recommended melatonin tablets ( Melatonin is a chemical in our bodies that is kinda important to sleep, don't really remember )
    My teams feels a little bit underlevel right now, so I'm surprised that I got this far xD I really need to do some leveling after I'm done with the battle :3

    Nah, I have had it for a DARN while, so, I'll just bear with it and try to find out a solution to this (And I refuse to take sleeping pills, since Insomnia is a symptom, not a disease or a disorder)
    Glad to hear it =)

    I'm kinda want to work in a Electronic store, since I am pretty knowledgeable in that area, but I can do work that require heavy lifting too.

    Oh sweet! Maybe we can trade and battle someday? :3 I am currently fighting N in his castle, just got Zekrom :3

    Yes, can't sleep at night, it's a real pain in the ass. Like, 5 days I can't sleep, and then I sleep just fine, only to have the whole Insomnia problem! again D=
    Things are working out for the better for you uh? Let me be early and say congratulations on the promotion! xD

    Well, things are kinda good for me, still searching for jobs, working part-time as a Paperboy, doing my Let's Plays on my Youtube channel, and playing Pok?mon White =D But also dealing with Insomnia problem D=
    ..... Oh god, it's the Donkey with Wings! D= KILL IT WITH FIRE!!

    ..... Hold on a minute here, Mari? MARI! =D WHEN DID YOU GET BACK HERE?!
    v Why would you want to delete your profile?!

    Anyways, hi xD How are you doing? Enjoying your summer? : )
    I thought I'd drop you a message since it's been so long + I kinda miss everyone here :3

    PRetty good. I graduated HS a few weeks ago, and just been relaxing until i feel the time is right to actually look for a job lol. Aside from that, not much new on my side xP.
    Listening to the BBS OST, chilling in my house. XD Not much really.

    I saw Toy Story 3 yesterday! :D
    I see. Well as for me I'll do anything that'll help me avoid boredom so I don't really think I have certain activity or hobby that I dedicate myself to, but I have wanted to play the violin again which was tough but at the same time fun. :p I just like trying out anything all the time.
    Sorry 4 the late reply XP
    So what kind of activities or hobbies are you into? =)
    Hi there Rixy =D I'm Gesso and I'm sure we've met a couple or few times in forums. And you seem like a really awesome,nice, and funny person too. Would you mind if I sent you a pal request?
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