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  • If they only new D: then again it's somewhat of a selection process. Come to think of it colleges do that as well. Still, if it were possible to rate someone based on street smarts.... that would be interesting.
    Eh, it's not even so much as this year which has destroyed my grades, I'm just not an overall hardworker. But it's meh, so long as I actually graduate I'm ok with C's or D's <3 oh and I'm not sure, but they're most certainly after winter break.. I hope. And I doubt it also ;3 but finals in general are just silly. I would think that 12 years of education was enough to show that you can move on into the real world.
    Pretty much in the same predicament as well D: minus studying for finals week, which is pretty far off. Sucks that we can't be exempt from them anymore. But with my grades pulling all A's is nigh impossible xD just feel sorry for the other students that do though.
    i'm dropping out & getting a GED. the university of minnesota accepts them, and that's where i want to go, so there's no sense in wasting time in high school lol.

    *burns them down*
    Pretty good. Some of the voices were a bit off, but they don't matter too much.

    Also, I tried getting mom to watch, but she slept through most of it :/
    you should have eaten it with forks.

    la. lalala.
    and its awesome. yeah. :DD


    i love it, i get to be the whiny whore girl with a little dog. lmao.

    that sounds awesome.
    yayyyyy have fun at yellowstone!
    42nd street. it's like a jazzy, new york sort of romance production. :D
    lots of dancing. <3

    they are really fun, except yeah, rehearsals here are like EVERY DAY and on the weekends too so a few years i stayed out of it.
    this year though i just wanted to stay busy and stuff so i did it. :3

    how's senior yeaaaaar? O:
    you're like super important now in school. ooh~
    You, immature? Hell no, that was perfectly executed and I'm glad you found humor in it :3 KHI has its moments. While they're far inbetween at times, funny things do go down.
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