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  • I wish I was busy.

    I just do random shit in the summer.
    That sounds like a fantastic formula, I'll be sure to try it. (though I could probably ignore the staying awake bit in most of my classes and still manage...) Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

    7+ clubs, that's kind of ridiculous. There aren't even that many clubs I'd find interesting, let along join. At least band isn't too terrible though, just hope that it doesn't get too hectic. Regular precalc should be a vast improvement over AP as well, so that makes things a tiny bit easier.

    My German club is fantastic. It mostly does consist of field trips to restaurants, and trips to Chicago. (where we eat, of course.) And yes, I'm taking German again. I was on the fence for a while, and then realized that I really, really liked it. So I stayed.
    I only know a few people in real life that are going to have any real issue with the applications and whatnot. For most of us mediocre students, it's off to community college. (although I am going to achieve straight A's next year, simply to prove almost everyone wrong.) Goodness, clubs. How many are you in anyways? It sounds like you're balancing a ridiculous amount of stuff. German Club is my only extracurricular, and all we do there is eat anyways.

    Congratulations on your license as well, even if you can't really use it. It's always a nice thing to have. It's kind of amusing, most of my friends have theirs already, and I haven't even taken the course.

    (if you haven't read Breakfast of Champions, you need to. I don't remember if you have or not.)
    Just think though, at least it's your last year of high school. (and no chemistry is a bonus too.) After that it'll be off to college, which should be better in a lot of ways. So hopefully you'll make it through this last year. My schedule is really excellent so far, lots of english and history courses. Unfortunately I'll probably have to drop one to take drivers ed. so that I can graduate, but I'll live.

    I can't tell if this is sarcasm, but either way, that's one interesting debate team.

    Yeah seventy degrees! It's really nice for having the windows open 24/7, or talking outside on the phone. The eight months of possible frostbite every year are totally worth these days.

    And as for Timequake, I read it, I liked it, but I don't remember much about it.
    I saw while talking to Pelafina that you picked up Timequake. I'm happy for you, you're familiar with Vonnegut so I'm sure you'll love it if you liked his other works. Those who haven't had the pleasure of reading his other books might not be able to like that one as much as one can, I'm glad you've picked the book out, it's basically Vonnegut rambling for like, a few hundred pages is it?
    band drama what. Hopefully you can steer clear of most of that though. And that's actually the reason I didn't really bother with the suggestion, I've failed with that approach before.

    It's wonderful out here right not, it definitely can't be more than 70 out here. I'm definitely enjoying the weather now that it's warm, I sit outside to talk or just relax at night all of the time.

    I saw the American Psycho thread, it certainly intrigued me. I may pick it up if I ever clear my name at the library. And Slaughterhouse-Five, yeah!
    Oh, what could be better than yearbook drama? I would suggest quitting, but I'm pretty sure I know how that would be met.

    And there's nothing wrong with yardwork, it's satisfying and earns me money. Though if it were as hot here as there, maybe I'd agree. The reading thing really doesn't sound like me, you're right. I just don't get around to it during summer vacations, I don't know why.

    Have you read anything decent lately though?
    That sounds fairly exciting, actually. (though I'm really still not sure about that yearbook thing, but then, it's always been a love/hate thing with you, hasn't it?) Most of it wouldn't be on my list of things to do for fun, but as long as it works out.

    I haven't been up to much at all, sadly. My days have consisted mostly of yard work and inexplicably waking up at 9am. Reading hasn't been going very well for me either, I don't think I've read a book all summer. It's really been decent though, and at least it's warm, right?
    I'm not eager for school either. BTW, have u seen the newest episode of bleach?
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