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  • I agree...but I'm actually surprised that Cecil and Terra are her parents... and then there was also a hint of a yaoi relationship between two people from Final fantasy seven... who do you think?
    Yeah, the headphones stood for him closing himself off from the rest of the world, him throwing off his headphones stood for him accepting the world, great symbolism there :)

    Oooh, you should at least play it once, the story's always good in those games, really :D

    You should play the one on the psp, easy to play and has also great characters ;d
    Yeah, although they look like eachother, personality-wise they're miles away from eachother xD

    Sora loves everything, Neku pretty much hates everything but himself (at least in the beginning of TWEWY). I love how the characters in TWEWY make such a progress as characters y'know.

    Like the Persona games, those games also have a lot of character development! Love those games too :D
    Gave up on it too, I want to start all over now though but I don't wanna lose my previous save file :(

    Yeah, don't have anyone to mingle with either, sucks really bad xD

    Haha yeah the dialogue, Sora asking Neku's name, Neku saying 'Dream Eaters!' and then Sora 'Dream Eaters? That's a strange name..' priceless, goofy Sora! xD
    Yeah, if I remember it right he was a secret boss, but the building with all the piggies was too much of a pain in the butt to actually get to him x)

    I also don't like that you have to use the mingle function or whatever it's called to master some pins :(
    Hope X Lightning by BishinessPersonified on deviantART this one is particularly good, just press 'prev' when you finish reading, the order is reversed
    I found the pairing to work outside thirteen...if you look at a particular fanfic i read I'm pretty sure you'd like it... lot of FF references outside of 13
    Haha yeah, he's cool xD. And I was always thinking he was the bad guy and he turns out to be a secret boss!! ?

    Never got to fight him though. The only thing I hate about TWEWY is that it has only one save file, I always want to restart a game from the beginning on a new save file but couldn't do that with TWEWY :(

    Yeah, you can still play after you beat the story but it isn't the same imo ;/
    Haha my favorite character is either Neku or Mr. Hanekoma (Hope I wrote it right), that guy's cool :D

    No problem, glad I could help! n.n
    Yeah, I thought so too xd

    Yeah, searched his name on google, now I know who he is haha xD

    Yup, live in Europe n.n Well here you go, if you wanna buy a 3DS, Zelda is definatly a must buy imo ^^
    Haha people are now talking to eachother by using the thread titles, how funny is that xD

    Hmmm... Don't remember that name though ;o. Those japanese names are hard to remember xp

    Here it was on sale for 159 euros, it was like 80 or 90 euros less than it used to be :D. YES, zelda 3D is really good! It's really worth the money!

    But if I were you, I'd wait til TGS is over though to buy a 3DS since I have this feeling Nintendo's gonna release a new 3DS (like the DS lite was for the DS) with a second circle pad etc.
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