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  • Page 43 n.n. It's about Lucius having remorse and that his old pupils 'appear'

    And jesus chris, your sig xD. I laughed so hard! xD

    I want that game so much and I haven't spoiled myself yet, I'm really proud of myself, I don't know anything about the story haha :D
    Yeah and then I thought, oh well, I'll be able to change my name, no worries. But then I found out that you had to have 1000 posts until you could change your name... yeaaaah, then I was like '..damn' xD
    Hehe yeah me too, I mean, when I saw all the drawings and I was like drooling all over the computer, I knew I had to join.. xd

    Haha yeah, and I didn't even really notice until I posted my first post xD. I was like "yay my first post! :D .... Heeeey, where did that 's' go?" xd
    Nah, I'm sure you're good at it :3 *stays optimistic*

    Yeah, I did. Csan't remember what I started out with, but I got a name change as soon as I hit Premium. Back then though, non-staff members were allowed one free name change regardless of how much you want to change it.

    Are you thinking about changing your name? :)
    No haha :p What I was replying 'same here' to was that the project brought me back to khi ;D

    Nah, not gonna change my name, it's too fun of a name actually. It has a really funny history. I wanted my name to be king_mickey rules but I didn't notice that that name had too many letters and that the s wasn't even submitted, and I just clicked ok et voila, I got myself a f'ed up name xD
    The thesaurus will be your best friend <3

    You can change your title from "Premium Member" to whatever you want :3 I dunno, most people get something special done to commemorate the event since the first 1000 posts are always the hardest to get xD
    Everyone goes at their own pace~ Do you have anything planned now that you've got the pretty red letters? :3
    You too? :D It seems like everyone from the KHI Makes a KH Game threads has reached 1000 posts this week~

    Congratulations on reaching Premium! <3

    Anyways, hehe I know the feeling, I've been here too like forever, it's because of the project threads though that I got to this many posts ^^
    Haha, I got a new avi just for the occasion because I turned premium yesterday, after 3 long years being a member here :D
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