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  • Haha :D

    Yeah well, I do understand why he wanted to stop with it, basically they always follow the same routine: beat the most powerful being in the universe -> peace -> new most powerful being in the universe appears -> defeat it -> peace -> new most powerful being appears etc.
    Nope, it doesn't end there :3. But Akira Toriyama actually wanted to end the story there. He basically was forces to make the Cell sage and the Buu sage. When they asked to make GT, he refused to make it though.

    Haha yeah, a whole lot more xD
    Yeah and I remember with the freeza saga they didn't even get to the ginyu force part for a long time, they showed a little bit of it and then when Goku was going to fight Ginyu, they stop and start over with Raditz, I was like 'wut?' xd

    Hehe well, I certainly laughed my butt off with the manga, so funny xd
    Hehe yeah I know, blasphemy right ;D.

    Well, ironically, I'm not that much of a reader but I do like reading on the interwebz, strange huh? :D
    Yeah, I was like that too and then it was androids over and over again, they said that cell existed but they never broadcasted it until the very end xD

    But I read the manga though, really fun to read the dragon ball manga :D

    It's the only manga I read though, I'm not so much into that stuff haha :D
    Yeah, that was my favorite show when I was 10 years old :D I watched it for two years on tv, but they kept replaying Freeza saga over and over again :p

    Nope, haven't watched it, I know the story because of the games and I read the manga :3
    But I'm really thrilled to own the whole buu sage on blu-ray :D
    Yeah that's true xD

    Yeah, here they don't play dragon ball anymore for yeeeears, the last episode here was like 6 years ago, really miss it + they didn't even get to the buu saga here -.-
    Haha yeah, that sucks real bad! I'm happy that the PS3 doesn't do that, I'm now importing American blu-rays of Dragon Ball Z Kai because they never release stuff like that here, and they play :D

    Yeah, it would be a grave mistake imo to not pick it up :)
    Yup, DVD players are the same :)

    You should buy it really, it's a fun game and can be hard at times (I played it on Proud mode I think). It's a really fun game and plays really fresh, a must-have imo ;)
    Arkend's probably the only one who's still hopeful that he'll change, but encouraging him to continue ignoring the rules (since he never bothered with them from the beginning) isn't the best option. Even if he does change, if he gets permabanned, he's not getting another chance because he plain doesn't deserve one.

    I can speak for all of site staff that we downright object to his return. I don't know how the forum staff feels.

    Yeah. It's over now; that's what's important. So how are you doing today? :)
    Yup, I did play the original CoM and loved it, that's why I wanted to have the ps2 version too, it looked more fun actually ;/

    Yeah, they're 'locked' for every region, PSP's for example don't do this, neither do blu-rays (PS3) and DS games (3DS changed this though and are region-locked).

    I did play Re:Coded, it was a very nice game, I loved the interaction between Data Riku/Jiminy's journal and Data Sora, for the first time they really acted like best friends.
    He does xD By this point, there's little chance of him coming back, of his own choice or just because he plain won't be able to.
    Yup, I want it to come to the states and Europe haha :D

    It was hard enough to get over not being able to buy Re:CoM, don't want something similiar to happen :(
    Probably flaunting around and showing off that he hasn't been banned yet. I would have done it myself, but asides from giving infractions, I can only ban bots.
    Me too. My personal rank for plot-relevant Chocobos is, from highest to lowest, Chichiri > Boco > Teioh :3

    Yes, yes he did. I checked and double-checked. He pretty much screwed himself over by showing a completely disregard for other members and the rules, so even after his ban ends he's still in trouble. Good for us, bad for him.
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