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  • yeah, 8 yrs...(soon to be 9 yrs next month)
    heh, I'll watch toy stroy 3 on blu-ray on nov. 2, can't wait, oh, and I'll be watching iron man 2 on sep. 28 on blu-ray too.
    XD lol, I'm no fan, or no hater on twilight, but its probably worth seeing, right?
    (p.s. can you believe that I haven't gone in the movie theaters in 8 years!?)
    lol, tue, I wanted to freakin' write an easy, but they said that it has to be at least a paragraph, so I just gave them a mega paragraph(about 7-8 sentences) I wanted to write more T^T
    I know XDDDDD

    lol, when you finish seeing it, tell me the funniest parts!!! I can't go and see it, but I'd like to hear how they made fun of twilight XD
    hahaha, sry, but I just had to save that quote on my sig, "woo, go BbS! Youre ruining my life! But I love you ^w^" is that okay with you?
    ha!! even if bbs comes out, I'll still have my grades up, no matter what, no matter bbs O: I'm serious!! lol, I'll still play bbs AND keep my grades up at the same time, not that hard to do XD
    for me its:

    I think that I'm going to freakin' kill the principal for removing all music programs....(I can't kill him, but he's gonna pay somehow...)
    yes I know...
    It really is!?!?!? sorry, don't know, I haven't eaten chick-fa-lay in 8 years O: and pretty soon, it'll be nine yrs(I turn 13 next month)
    just 3 more days till school!!! yea!!!!
    so what are your classes this school year?
    yay, I'm a freak!!! jk

    lucky, I think the last time I ate chick-fa-lay was when I was 4 O: I NEED to go to a chick-fa-lay soon!!!
    I know...so sad, I'm already on a diet, haven't eaten fast food since may(well, I did a few days ago, but it was very, very, VERY small) and I love it, I feel way better, best thing I've done so far this year, and I finally grown to love LOVE salad, we're like bff's XD

    man, I've grown so used to not watching tv, and now that we have cable again, I'm not watching tv, what the heck is wrong with me!? O:
    wow!! me too, but I' m not rushing, after sidekick is keyblade wielder, then dual keyblade wielder, org member, and egnimatic soilder, I think thats how it goes XD
    did u see that ny bk burger!?!?!?!? its a heart attack on a bun!!!!!!
    lol XD
    all I have to do is just PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!!!!! lol, I want to show off my clarinet skills to the band, I think I'll do it kh style, if not, then super mario bros style XD
    so...only 4 more days left till school, can't wait!! you know, I'm thinking of making a flipnote and post it on my first day of school, since I walk to school, I'll just say a few thing to the ppl on hatena, make it into a flip, go to mc donalds(its vey close to my school), and post the flipnote there(cause mc donalds has free wi-fi) XD it'll be fun, just me and my buds XD
    oh, I just downloaded it off the wii shop channel. it's my favorite video game of all time.
    i can sit down and play through it any time.

    I know, I think it went like this, "a keyblade isn't used to bully other people around!" XD I was ROFL when I heard that
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