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    Kingdom Hearts 3D being shown to the public in January!

    This Week's Early Flying Get (, 12.20.2010) Square Enix will be showing off Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts 3D at what was the FNC conference (now...
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    Average age of KHI members?

    Hm... I'm wondering about this. I saw a thread like this on the Mugglenet forums, but on a KH forum... Seems like it'd be interesting. Ok, let's find out! Voting time! WOO.
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    When can we? [possible spoilers]

    So i wanted to put Vanitas' face as my profile icon, but I want to know when it's safe to post BbS spoilers. I mean, most people have finished Ven's story... at least. Right?
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    Organization Cloak at Hot Topic!

    Has anyone seen one at Hot Topic? I was freaking out when I saw them xDD I'll put up a picture of it later if I can. Discuss >;]
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    NA Sales...

    Anyone else worried about the NA sales for BbS... with all the pirates on the internet... >.> Thank god Disney is reinforcing the UMD to try to stop piracy, but it'll leak eventually. And did anyone else see the NA sales for Peace Walker? They're... not as expected. VGChartz - Please Take A...
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    Kingdom Hearts on Facebook?

    I was on and saw this as a headline. I guess it must be legit. Not much is on the page though. They have some pictures. Are they new?
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    Awesome BBS Review! :D

    This guy explains everything in the game without spoiling anything :3 YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Review - Radical's Dreams Oh, and he's hilarious. XD After watching this, I'm even MORE hyped up! The battle system looks incredible, and the game is huge s1elleface
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    How many KH-related items do you have? :D

    I'm wondering, to see how crazy ppl are on here. XDD My collection: Games Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts 2 Chain of Memories Re:Chain of Memories 358/2 Days Manga Every single one released in the U.S. :3 Other Junk KH Card Game Starter Pack Roxas Plushie 2 Hot Topic Shirts KH2 Poster And... I...
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    Vanitas Voice Actor Confirmed

    Kingudamu hâtsu: Bâsu bai surîpu (2010) (VG) Look at your own risk... most of us knew who it was going to be already, but if you're avoiding spoilers, don't click >,<
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    Best Zelda Game?

    So many people are going to be arguing about this, but here it goes: 1. Twilight Princess 2. Spirit Tracks 3. Ocarina of Time 4. The Wind Waker 5. A Link to the Past Other ones aren't really worth mentioning, since the only other ones I've played are TloZ and TAoL. But I want to hear you...
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    Personally, I'm excited for Zelda Wii. I'm going to explode if I don't get any information on it soon DX Also excited for: Nintendo 3DS Metroid: Other M KH BBS (They'll probably show a trailer or something) LittleBigPlanet 2 Pikmin 3 Scribblenauts 2 Less than 2 Months to go, guys :D