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  • Yeah, I'm never on here either... It's because there's been a huge KH drought since January :)
    My friend code: 3952-7008-1787
    and yours? :p
    Yeah, I really hope they do that for KHIII. I mean, I'd like to Kiara and Kovu. And, maybe Sora and Kiara fighting against Zira or Sora alone. And, Sora and Simba or Kovu fighting Vitani and Nuka, but you know two-on-two.
    I hope in KHIII they have Sora meeting Melody. That would so cool for Sora to meet Ariel's daughter from the LMII (Little Mermaid 2). I mean, Morgana would make a great boss and her sidekicks (Undertoe or whatever his name is) the shark that got turned into a pirahna by Tritan, but when he turned back into a shark and the two stingrays.
    sorry guys and gals! I've been super-duper busy for the past couple of months. school's been keeping me busy and all...
    HI mc You k? Long time no talking ya? Are you still having internet problems? BTW how are you doing? How is every thing?Wish you have a gr8 christmas And Halowean (BTW I cant spell them right!) Ur not 14 yet huh?
    We need to catch up! D: I'm never on Hatena anymore, lol. I got a 3DS, btw! We need to trade friend codes! (if you got one >w<)
    I did not get Re:Coded yet, i honestly am not very interested in playing it since i found out what i needed to know via youtube. Although I will say i was thoroughly impressed with Days. Still need to unlock sora but Mickey and Riku with the Zero Gear kick butt! You get the Kingdom Key D omega for mickey and Way to the Dawn for Riku and Duel keys for roxas :D
    Wow, I'm so late D:
    But yeah... how are ya? XD
    I've been playing the Sims 2 for the past week... my Organization family is so amazing :3
    I'm playing on Proud too.
    And DAMMIT. If BbS Volume 2 is a real game, and it's for the PSP2, I will shoot myself in the face.
    Just give me DDD and KH3 and I'll be fine, thx.
    XD I has the 3DS preordered. Take that!!! And yes, DDD looks amazing :p
    And how far are you in Re:coded? (I broke down and bought it xDD)
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