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  • Well I WAS sorafan1203. :D But I changed my name to Candy Fair. Long story...let's just say I'm a Premmy now. XD
    It's fine. I think Mazrim Taim is Demandred, in accordance with what you just spoke of. He seems too much like him, and the final line Mazrim Taim gives is similar to Demandred in the beginning of Lord of Chaos.
    A pleasureable notion, indeed, friend, though it is my grave disappointment to say that I haven't quite reached the end of Robert Jordan's epic yet; I'm about four fifths through Crossroads of Twilight and have yet to begin Knife of Dreams. Tell me, though, as I don't mind being spoiled in this aspect: has Mazrim Taim been revealed to be Demandred, because almost every characteristic and action of him so far has hinted towards that notion being a truth.

    And forgive me for not being online very much of late; my schedule has been astonishingly hectic these past few days.
    JJ-bummm! -glomps&hugs- remember.to.post.in.the.rp. --[eternalsnow]fall[isslowlydriftingofftoasoftbed]ofsnow

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