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  • i don't really remember, i think it may have been something in the banned thread, but this has happened before, its not As If i was trolling or breaking any rules, if that was they case id get a ban, i just happened to have an opinion that someone disagreed with, & if you disagree with some of these mods & try to argue your point, especially when your right & they know it, they will shut you down, by abusing their powers.

    Most of the veterans here know this & always agree with the mods in order to keep from getting targeted, like I have, but idgaf what the do to my profile, they arnt going to drive me away.

    When i got on earlier today my custom user title was set to a size 7 font & read "LET ME SNIFF YO DICK NIGGA" & my post count was dropped below 100 so I couldn't change it. So i set my signature to read "my custom user title has been changed against my will by some of the mods for some unknown ridiculous reason, i find my new title immature & offensive. Are these the type of people you want running KHInsider" I set it to size 7 & red font. I made sure to post "hello & welcome to KHInsider" in the first couple of introductory threads, because I knew the admins/mods would know my sig. & custom user title would scare away anyone who recently joined, so they fixed it but didnt restore my post count.
    Heh, yeah alot of the mods fucking hate me for whatever reason but it dosnt bother me none.
    You've made the avatar look uncool with that mustache, bruh. (Do not be confused, I am not Lanxx.)
    Could you... Could you maybe... Could you maybe make me a Lightning one? With no background?
    I wanted to know if you were up for ome ADHOC Duodecim. Ill have my PS3 connected via ethernet cable for a while, & ive been looking for someone to play.
    Looks great! I'll add it to the OP with credit, with your permission of course <3
    Glad you like it :D

    Btw, are you still going by MamboMog? Because I'm going to update the roster later tonight.
    Made yours a bit ahead of schedule because it was easy and quick to do~
    Also, because Bartz is awesome.

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    It was so good! Beist was so amazing, her gesture was touching. I love Sue too, it's hard to hate her when she has her brief tendencies for actual human compassion... plus she's hilarious.
    I never look at the scenes for the new episode; I just watch them when they come out. Lol, Sue. I love her even though she can be a dick; have you seen the Christmas episode?
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