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Storm Ventus
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    They're all pretty easy to rush through, but I'm liking the replay value it has. I chose standard so I've been completing the journal. xD
    Hey, just wanted to say thanks for adding me as a friend. Here if ya ever wanna talk. Btw saw you like Ventus, more of a Roxas guy myself lol. have fun.
    ;) Heeeeeeeey new kid! :D Welcome to the board, and I hope you'll enjoy your stay here and will make tons upon tons of friends! I see you like Ventus. Totally awesome, Ven's adorable and sweet. You got great graphics too! Regardless, my name is Ponnie! Local Xigxas nut around these parts. ;D Pleased to meet you.

    Sorry I never got around to saying hello the FIRST time you joined. But eh, you know what? It matters that I'm saying hello now. If you need anything, feel free to ask me. :D Have fun! ;)
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