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  • Wha? But knocking on the door is what you do when you come over. It should make it fine. It's not like you just barged in without knocking. Especially since you sent a text first. It seems pretty courteous to me.
    You did the thing~
    I tried PPSSPP, it glitched for me. It was probably the computer I was on. The only games that worked for me was Crisis Core (of course I didn't play it because I wanted to try FFVII first). GBA was easiest to emulate for me, but I didn't know that much GBA games, haha.
    If I don't get Aerith, would you tell me what happens if I do?

    It took me forever to get a decent emulator working. Some are very glitchy, but FF7 and FF8 worked well.
    Nope, haven't gotten on today. But now that you've just mentioned a date scene.... I may wanna play it today....

    Man, if only the emulator was on all the PC's I use.
    Healing Wind and Sealing Evil so far I found to be useful, and her MP,too, but that was about it.
    I always use her to spend the time with her that's left.... Sounds much for a fictional character, but I love Aerith.
    I watched a playthrough of X and XIII-2 before playing them, but I still got them for the gameplay xD Aerith's death was spoiled for me before I knew FF7 existed.
    Never played XIII and LR, but the gameplay looked tedious, so I decided the get the sequel instead. I kinda enjoyed the XIII series, but what bothered me was Lightning xD I enjoyed XIII-2's gameplay, but the story didn't get me....

    Seymour was a good villain and I found his hairstyle amusing to look at.
    Yeah, I found X to be the best I've played so far. I loved the story and the battle system. It's also one of the only FF games I've ever completed, the other being Final Fantasy XIII-2.
    Yeah, I'm liking FF8's story so far, but the equipment system is really a pain, like you said. I honestly like the simple equipment system, like 10's.
    I have two saved files on the same game. One with Cloud alone, and another one with a team.
    I'm not sure. Most of my party members have 600+ HP (I keep putting magic materias in their equipment) and I haven't grinded once in the game so far.
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