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  • We dont have them anymore because no one gets along. Before when they did though we'd fill up two to three yards. It was a big thing.
    Meh your not missing much. It's only as good as the attitudes of the relatives attending.
    I am not sure. I only know my kin extents for several counties and a couple states.
    Count yourself lucky to have few relations. My relatives, especially on my grandfathers side, are rather...proactive.
    Dont feel alone sir. My town has literally 1000 in it and I'm related to 80% of them and the ones I aint are on drugs or whores. Forever alone~
    He'll be her problem so dont worry about it. He'll either sink with her or see her for the fool she is and aspire to not be like her.
    I bothered with it once and actually managed to get the Ultima but by then had nothing to use Ultima on. It's why I didn't bother in KH2. There's nothing to use the hard earned weapon on. Dx
    Be a ninja! Those bitches aren't home all the time!
    I get that kinda nostalgia rush just playing KH1. I dont usually bother with synthesis though.
    PCSX2 worked awfully for me. I tried downloading FFX since I didn't have the game at the time, and the graphics were slow and weird and the audio was robotic. It was very slow and it crashes at the first battle against Sin's monsters.
    The only bosses I actually ever had problems with in 05 was Xaldin and Demyx due to artificial difficulty.
    lawl You were bored.
    Stitch is the only answer to any response. Stitch is love, Stitch is life in KH2FM critical~
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