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  • A little spoiler: What happens is that Some how people find out that Yuki became a pureblood and that info leaked out and Renn was told To kill Kaname, Yuki, and Rido-sama. But his Vampire side and his human side fight against each other... and Renn goes to Yuki and tells both her and Kaname that he was told to kill them. Then He tells them that eventually he will unless Yuki turns them into a pureblood... In my theory, When a pureblood turns a human into a vampire: one half of the blood becomes Vampire but since Renn is already a half-breed the human side is sealed out of his body and he becomes a pureblood but he said that as a favor Renn will kill Rido in turn for this and he suceeds... then in the ending... Yuki and Kaname get Married and oddly after Renn kills Rido He brings Shizuka back and steals her from Ichiru and Renn, Yuki, Kaname, and Shizuka. Are all pureblood Kurans now to continue the pureblood Kuran lineage
    I wrote a rewrite of The events of When Yuki went pureblood... I also Introduced a new character who just happens to be Kaname's and Yuki's half-brother... He's half Vampire, Half Vampire slayer... his dad was a slayer that fell in love with Yuki and Kaname's mom Juri Kuran and they had a kid before Kaname was born...But My new character he ends up becoming a pureblood himself thanks To Yuki and he ends up killing Rido-sama for good... The new character's name is Renn
    No im not talking abut that, im talking about Video pages

    here on my thread ill post a screen print
    Bored :p
    Im trying to figure out how to change YouTube back to normal
    I made a thread on it, so if you have any idea go there
    Hi xD Sorry for the late reply on your message xD
    Welcome to KHinsider hope you have fun and friends! ^_^ I am Glorix, Call me Glory! ;D
    It's fine. You're not the first one to think I'm older then I am. XD Well, we have a weight limit and since we have another scanner [one that belongs solely to my mom], they don't see a need for us to be bringing a second one.

    I'mma wiki it later... So that I actually know what it is. XD
    I'm not old enough to move out of the house. owo Only fifteen. Anywho, we're all moving to Germany in a couple months so, no more scanner.

    It reminds me of a Soap Operah for some odd reason...
    No, no. It isn't that my scanner is broken. It's that since I'm moving, I won't be able to bring it with and, my parents have ordered to stop using it for now. owo

    Wuthering Heights? I don't think I've heard of that one.
    It's find if you don't know. XD It's not like I expect everyone to.
    Eh, only kinda sorta since I was doing requests for people and now I can't finish them...

    Really? What book did you have to read?
    Not really. I did go b-day shopping yesterday and snapped up a Calvin and Hobbes book. :3 Also, I've been drawing but, no longer have a scanner to scan anything.

    What about you?
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